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We hope youโ€™ve enjoyed our 7-day Digital Lifestyle Introduction series this past week. Our goal has been to give you a solid understanding of the freedom and opportunity thatโ€™s within reach of everyone, no matter what walk of life, in the online world. Hopefully youโ€™ve picked up lots of gold nuggets!

In case you missed any of the videos or want to review them, here are the links for your convenience:

Video 1 – A Personal Message From Stuart and Jay
Video 2 – Cashing in on the Digital Gold Rush
Video 3 – Big Problem, Big Solution
Video 4 – List Building for Profit
Video 5 – Earning Multiple Income Streams
Video 6 – They’ll Never be Obsolete Again
Video 7 – Meet Former SFM Students Turned Mentors

If you already submitted your application this week, welcome to our friendly Community! Your personal consultant will be in contact to make sure everything is smooth sailing.

And if you havenโ€™t yet signed up, we hope that the info weโ€™ve shared has given you confidence that this is a realistic opportunity within your reach. In addition to clear, step-by-step training teaching you all the ins and outs of online marketing from Beginner level onwards, our program includes mindset and motivation education – we show you how to get rid of those fears that everyone naturally feels when stepping out of their known comfort zone. This, along with our refreshingly supportive community, ensures youโ€™ll never feel like youโ€™re slogging it alone. ย 

With a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee in place, feel free to try things on for size with full peace of mind. This application process helps us filter out people that are just window shopping instead of seriously interested in making a change.ย 

Once you fill out your application, feel free to request a call from one of our System Consultants who will answer any questions you have. Youโ€™ll also gain immediate access to our Bonus training materials so you can see for yourself whatโ€™s what. After getting the lay of the land, if you think this is not for you then weโ€™ll be happy to give you a refund, no questions asked. So, feel free to go ahead and seize the day!

Submit Your $29.95 Risk-Free Application

Once you access our member platform (the SFM Business System), youโ€™ll find we host a number of weekly live webinars for you to check out. The sessions for Beginners focus on simple and profitable online marketing tactics so you can start tapping into the booming digital economy in no time.

And once you start feeling comfortable, weโ€™ll be walking you through more advanced education where we teach you exactly how to start building your sales as an online affiliate so you can eventually make enough money online to go full time. In large part, our focus throughout these up and coming trainings will be on making high-ticket sales i.e. the opportunity to earn $1000 (ยฃ650) + per sale, giving you some serious momentum!

Above and beyond, our goal is to empower you with the digital tools and know-how so you can monetize any product/service and create the lifestyle of freedom youโ€™ve always wanted.

Your Risk-Free Application Takes Just Minutes to Fill Out

We look forward to seeing you on the other side!

ย All our Best,

Ashย ย