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In our final video of this 7-Part Digital Lifestyle Introduction, we’re going to wrap things up by sharing a candid conversation with two of our former students who went on to achieve incredible heights of success as online marketing experts – Guy and Ilan Ferdman. These amazing guys give back by sharing their marketing expertise as ongoing coaches for SFM/DEA.                                                                                                

A couple of years ago, after suffering through the collapse of the US banking industry, these two intrepid, intelligent brothers began looking for a legitimate alternative to the traditional economy.

They found SFM and enrolled as students of ours. This kick-started their transition from reliance on a job to writing their own paycheck in the online arena. 

In this inspirational conversation, you’ll hear how the Ferdman brothers overcame incredible odds and reinvented themselves to create the future they’d always wanted.                                                                                  

The booming digital economy makes financial success realistically reachable:
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