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We hope you enjoyed the first video of this 7-Day Series introducing SFM and the Digital Lifestyle. Now let’s dive deeper:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     The Digital Gold Rush – Hype or Fact?                                                                           
Otherwise called the ‘Digital Revolution’, the ‘Digital Gold Rush’ is a phenomenon which started in 1980 when the cost of manufacturing electronics and computers dropped to the point where average people could afford them. With mass production came further cost reductions, and before long everyone had useful gadgets like a VCR and fax machine.                                                 
Then, during the mid-1990’s, the Internet came about and with it, the Information Age. The rest as they say is history – these days we can hardly imagine a life without email, laptops, smartphones and almost anything we want just a few clicks away.                                                      
To put things into context, this all happened about 150 years after the California Gold Rush. In 1849, prior to the construction of the Panama Canal, people had to trek 20,000 miles around the southern tip of South America by ship, meaning it was nothing short of a total revolution when this obstacle was removed. Hence the ‘Digital Gold Rush’ comparison. Modern technology now offers massive new opportunities like never before.                                                             
These days, anyone with the know-how, a laptop and an Internet connection can tap into the legitimate and unprecedented flow of revenue to be found in the digital space. 
Find out how the Digital Gold Rush works and get ready to stake your claim!                                          
Speak soon!