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Β 704Β – Tue 14 Jun 20:49 2022


Woke up early, meditated for 20 min, log in to work sharp at 8:07.. checked some emails etc, 8:30 got ready to go for a run but some work had come up to be there for 9 so I stayed back. and just sat at my desk working on Tuesday’s work.

CTA, DEC actions.. Handed in my notice today, 15th July 2022 will be the last working day at the HXXX, awaiting the joining date from the new employer… I said in the email earlier, I’m happy to join from the 15th of July, will you please let me know?

13:12 was going to take a lunch break, Rxxx from Australia rung WhatsApp, she was talking about her recent visit home holiday her parents and in-laws.. we spoke until 13:20 and then by time I saw time it was 13:33 and not enough time to go to gym.. stayed in and ate lunch instead Beef stir fry, Daal and rice. yum! and watched a bit of tv. and sat back at my desk at 2 pm.

The afternoon’s work went well..

16:30 pm, got ready and went to the gym and did upper body workout, first 4 x sets of pull-ups on the machine, then 4 x sets of Incline dumbbell bench press, then flat bench Dumbell bench press 4 sets x 8 reps.. and then for 4 x sets of zig-zag curve bar with hammer curls.. then shoulders on the machine 4 x quick sets. Had a great workout.

Got home, ate dinner watched TV, and sat at the desk now typing.

3 things I felt grateful for today

  • Grateful for work, Hxxx and all the support they gave me all these years as work.
  • Grateful for being in the tmie for making the intitiating transitions from one job to another job.
  • Grateful for having a busy but fine day today!

What would it take for me and for you to experience something really cool this coming this coming week and all negative patterns against happening this please get removed! night, goodluck.. Ash

c o- w o r k.