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chase the vision, not the money

What do you believe about yourself ?

Whatever you believe about yourself, it’s going to be true.  If you believe you’re a success, you’ll be one! 

 “Your Thought Become Reality”
Every thought we thing has a vibration attached to it, If we thing positive we will have  positive experiences, positive feelings and positive life and things around us..
Most of us seems to be in complaining or a stressed out mode these days, so we are all subconsiously thinking a lot more negative than positive.. we can change our circumstances and life completely by changing the way we think. 
We have to consciously make a decision to think positive and observe our thoughts whether we are thinking positive or negative..  
To understand more on this topic.   Watch this YouTube Movie of 01 Hour 29 Minute.. You’ll come in light to one of the ancient secrets.. “The Secret by  Rhonda Byrne”