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Sun 18 Apr 00;00 2021


People use your time wisely. The time you have a got in your lockdown and in between your jobs or whatever! lot of us got so much of unexpected time and use it wisely.

Woke up today 9:30, 4th day of the Fast went to bed. 5:30 AM, was feeling so good today

10 am joined class Anotomical language new lessons util 5 pm.. all about body structure and bones. 4:30 pm texted mother, class finished you can ring me and took a nap and she phoned about 20 min later.. we spoke, everything was good.

18:30 went for a walk, Vauxhall bridge, Lambeth bridge and over Tate took the round about and by Vauxhall tavern got home 19:00 :15, 20. started cooking.

showred and 20:07 Iftar time. broke the fast and ate dates, almonds, banana, apple and glass of water.. then Asar prayer then ate rice, lentils, beef mince, avocado, chicken, pepper, pasta.

A lot of people were outside today. people cases are doubline with South African mutation in the UK and around 70 something cases of separate variant from India as well .. stay home for now! please we can go out later.. Let’s all get vaccinated first and let’s go back to our normal lives and then we can cherish the life we have. we enjoy ourselves truly and appreciate it. So please just stay home for now few day!

The aim is not see but realise one is that essence then one is free to wander the essence in the world.

3 things grateful for I’m

  • for my bum
  • for the pad under my laptop
  • for the invention of the Tv


what would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times energetic stronger and happier richer and have relaxing yet active happy productive helpful day and all objects opposing that to happen smoothly please all patterns in mind get deleted now!

Ghith! Ash



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