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🌈 865 - Wed 18 Jan 23:47 2023 LondonWoke up early.. slept well but somehow was up before 6 am alarm, was feeling sharp active, happy, grateful and conscious when woke up.. looked dark outside, grey, cloudy and wet with freezing cold of -1 last night. Tried to sleep more must have slept one side the right arm felt heavy and there is no point trying to sleep now I turned all the rest of the alarms off 6:15, 6:30... got up.. ate breakfast Tuna, and Chickpeas and sat mediated about 6 min only up to the first half of it on the audio and got ready wore, blue tracksuit bottoms with white strips and full sleve white tshirt and long yellow hoodie jumper and thick jacket, full cap, gloves and left home got to the gym around 06:50.. had. a really really really really really really good workout.. did 6 x sets of 8 reps of Pull ups on the bar ( Health, Beauty, Wealth, Success, Confidence, Testosterone, Growth Harmone and Symmetry ) affirmation and then did 4 x sets of drop set of Shoulders press on the machine and then did 4 x sets of 8 reps of Abs press on the machine and was feeling very very very very very very good on my way back home and it was not even 8 am yet.. Ate more Tuna, Rice and Gosh ka Shorwa and I found myself looking at the time and it was 07:52 was so happy, waking up early there is so much time in the morning. Time doesn't move only 2 min passed since last time checked.Wore blue formal trousers, deep blue pain formal shirt, a button-up it was cold and then a thicker long jumper.. looked at the time and it's only 8:12 plenty more time.. Why time standing still today.. put formal black shoes on. fully dressed sat and mediated again rest of the audio for about 11 min and it's not even 8:30 decided to leave home.. took the helmet, bike out.. Nine Elms, past Vauxhall bridge, Lambeth bridge, the there was ice on the road, the water on the sides frozen, road slippery going slowly and slowly.. got to work before 9 am. Was feeling very very very good.. First did some reports and then research work, 10:50 a friend messaged, I've got a spare ticket for PMQ's today you wanna come. I said of course.. sure, I wll meet you at 11 sharp and we could walk down.. brohter messaged aroudn that time and I said Bhaia, I'm going to PMQ's I will speak later, we walked down the street to Westminster, went in, the Central lobby was packed, we stood there for few min and then got seated at the private gallery to watch the politicians fight... Rishi came in sharp at 11:00 and left 11:30 sharp having all questions, there were serious conversations they talked about, Ambulance waiting time, a bit of budget and the for some time about the commonwealth countries.. left good attending, a bit of culture done and a tick mark done I felt.. got back to the desk around 1:15 pm.. did work for soemtime and an hour meeting and left around 16:40.. 17:00 when reminder said "Come on Ash' I was on the road on my bike just by Vaxuxhall cross standing at the signal.. home made a cuppa coffee and crisps, 17;30 texted mother, how their day went? Dad already a sleep.. and got ready to go to swim and started listenting to new audiobook and all of suddenly felt so sleepy.. fully dressed to go swimming but I found myself snuggling inside the duvet.. 18:07 time it was when I got to the bed, from 18:30 slept upto 20:08 was feeling good but cold, cold, cold.. the heating was on but feezing still. Put a jacket on and left home, got to the swim around 20:20.. feeling good had a good swim session about 4 rows of front crowls.. left around 21:00 when they just shut the steamroom, got home made lentils tala hua gosh and ate watching netflix about bankers.. 3 things I felt grateful for today Grateful for being able to attend PMQ today. Grateful for having 2 workouts in my day. Grateful for the sleep which is coming now. What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10x times bigger, thicker, leaner, sharper, happier, richer and have a relaxing, relaxing, relaxing, yet productive day tomorrow and then the rest of the week and followed by the weekend and traiing to go smoothly tomorrow and I and you to come across, happy, helpful, kind, compassionalte and everything to be just fine and all negative patters please get deleted and all negatie patterns, please leave now.. Goodnight, goodluck.. Ash