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 🌈 695 – Sun 5 Jun 23:46 2022


Woke up early, felt like staying in bed for a bit longer, it was grey dull weather outside. 8:30 still seem dark, and it started to rain in the morning. When my energy level is high, I wish to go for a run and I looked outside the window and felt like a rainy day when I had to go to school and nobody wants to be there but everyone had to come.

I stayed in bed until 10:30 and got up to take a heavy breakfast, I made beef, lentils, eggs and rice for breakfast/lunch and ate around 11 AM. the weather was the same outside so sat at my desk to work, and get ready for tomorrows work the first day back after a long Queens jubilee weekend. I wish I felt more energetic on this last day of the break.

I logged in first I did a couple of excel, refreshing courses that questions were asked during my recent interview, brother had reminded me last night to complete the courses and YouTube had a lot of resources, Excel crash courses etc.. for a couple of hours I sat at my desk and I felt bored and found myself yawning and not paying attention to the course I was doing.. then I started browsing on my phone and an Ad popped up about Audible and how you can make money on Audible app.. I use Audible almost every day to listen to books, I wondered how is it possible to make money on it, and I continued to watch the Ad.

Apparently, you can signup on this website and then create your account as a narrator for free and then record an audiobook by reading the script and sending it for audition and if it gets approved you get the full project of narrating a book on the Audible app and you can make either commissions or royalties on the book. I thought it was a great idea for passive income and you also get to read books and improve your vocabulary too.. I probably will give it a go, presumably if my iPhone will support recording the audio properly. ( )

16:20 I felt like taking a nap and I slept first the alarm was on for 15 minutes and then I changed it to wake me up at 17:00.. I woke at that time but found myself at 17:17 wondering what will I do after I woke up.

I got ready and I had to drag myself out to go for a run. I said no I don’t want to go, then I said, if I don’t then I will have not done anything physical today.. and made my mind and left home.. dressed in black silk shorts, green underwear, white T-shirt and then a full hands another white t-shirt and socks and sketchers shoes. Didn’t need the extra t-shirt, it was hot outside by the time I started running.

Streets were empty not a lot of people outside, after the Queen’s parade by the river and all over London the commotion and celebrations for the Jubliee. I ran from Oval station first to Vauxhall bridge, then over to Lambeth bridge and then to the Westminster bridge. Westminster Bridge was packed. A lot of people, I had to slow down and perhaps walk for a bit and avoid the crowd then after the St Thomas’s hospital, I was able to run again when the crowed got shorter by the Covid memorial wall.. ran back home and it was probably around 18:40 pm.. Got home back, had a shower then offered Asar Salah namaz, and then 4 Rakath khaza Zuhur’s namaz and the 2 Rakaths of Fajr namaz due today..

After finishing the Namaz, I went straight to the kitchen as I was hungry by the long run and then the Namaz, it had already been a lot of hours by the time I had eaten food earlier.. I made Beef tomatoes, and sun-dried mango cooked. It was yum ate watching the Roman Empire documentary on Netflix..

3 things I felt grateful for today

  • I dragged myself out to go for a run today and then I felt so glad and grateful I left home.
  • Felt so grateful for living in a probably safest culture that ever existed on the planet.
  • Felt so grateful for being able to take a timeout to type tonight before going to bed.


Anything living is a living thing, it does not matter if it is an insect, a bird, a grass or a star.. especially humans who have the ability to think. One has no right to kill or hurt another, what is wrong with humans killing one another? Do you have a brain, another person will feel the same pain exactly that you feel if you have a cut or someone hits you. Pain is pain perhaps the difference between being a human and other animal is to be able to avoid causing pain and hurt to one another. Guns and weapons to be completely eliminated and eradicated not controlled or regulated.

What would it take for me and for you to be safe at all times and go of a natural cause and a painless departure whenever the time comes to an end and bore no witness to any injustice as we lived our life to see and seek the same around us?

I’m off to bed, tomorrow’s work after a long bank holiday weekend. Goodnight,.. Ash.