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  🌈  698 – Wed 8 Jun 23:52 2022


Woke up sharp, 8 AM work, sent the referrals to Pxxxxxxx, brother messaged mid-day, he came home for dinner, It was 13:58 for me lunchtime too. he said he’s eating and speak to parents, I rang them and spoke to them for a while, and dad spoke longer.. late afternoon for them so hot there in Saudi and I said it’s sunny here in London but still chilled.

9:15 A agency lady phoned offering some work this evening at 5:30 pm on Viewbar, and I said I’ll be at work until 5 so I can’t do it, but I had already seen the notification earlier on my phone in my email when she sent an invitation, but she was paying only £15, which was way less than what I value my hour so I turned it down. ( Viewber is when you get registered, in your area if there are any empty flats when estate agents want to show a property and if they are too far, they will book you to do the job and offer payment in return.

4:30 pm logged off work and got ready and went to the gym, had another day of a good good good workout in a less time. Did Back, first did 4 x sets of Pull-ups, then 4 x sets of Barbell deadlifts, then 4 x sets of Barbell Bent over rows, then 4 x 8 reps of Straight arm pushdown, 4 x sets of Incline bench hammer curls, finished all in 45 min or so.. I was feeling so good.

Got home, made dinner Kabab, Rice, Alu and Nimbu Ka Achaar and ate while watching The Romans documentary on Netflix and then worked for a bit, then sat at the desk and did some excel courses preparing for the new job

recorded 2 audiobook scripts for Audible audition.. then ate Alu Boqure 3 of them and then some dates just before bed

  • 3 things I’m grateful for today
  • For the sleep which is coming now.
  • Grateful for guitars
  • Grateful for red carpets
  • What would it take for tomorrow to be the best day of this year and be the beginning of many more to come and all negative patterns in mind please get deleted now? today!! Good night! Ash