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Tuesday 06 April 22:56 2021


Time and time is getting better and time and time is coming better.. ok the time is getting better by the time I sit down every day to write.. today is a victory it’s 22:56..

Anyway, the happiest thing to celebrate is one more week and the lockdown will be over 12 March is the England lockdown is easing..

Today was a good day.. I woke up around 6:40 Sun was out was bright and beautiful.. the Adsa supermarket guys gave me a delivery slot from 7 am to 9 am this morning but around 7 am they messaged, you can amend your order until 8 am so I thought there was plenty time till 8 so I can go for a run they are not going to be here until 8 am anyway. I thought I got lucky this morning..

But it was so cold outside, it was so freezing. Went for Run around 7:10 AM.. Only ran up to Lambeth bridge from Oval. so it’s covering Vauxhall bridge and Lambeth bridge took about 35 min. then logged in to work sharp at 8 AM.

Work was cool.. my mother had messaged me this morning asking if I had logged in work yet., I said yes just logging in I will phone back after 30 to 45 mins, and then I rang her around 8:30 quickly before my 10 am work huddle.

Well done guys, we are finally getting there only 45 new deaths and 2763 new cases of Covid in the entire country. It’s great progress.

My 2nd dose of vaccination is in May, apparently they are stopping under 30’s vaccination to deal with the Astrazenaca’s clotting issue.

Around 11:30 spoke to father, he had asked me what I for breakfast and I said milk and banana I didn’t want to alarm him the supermarket delivery didn’t arrive. He’s brother passed my dear uncle younger the last one 2 day ago. I will and speak to dad everyday.

Rest of the day went cool. Logged off work around 4:30 pm.. took a 30 min nap. And Amazon, I needed to list my sourced bags to KSA market and the options only allowed me to change the professional to individual plan to the Mexico’s market. They don’t give out phone number but I went into help and logged in a case log.

I don’t know why there were still no rice in the supermarket., later in the evening I realised the super market delivery is tomorrow morning not today! HA!

3 things I’m grateful for

  • for being able to place orders online
  • for having money to spend
  • for having this comfortable comfortable bed I can go to bed now.

What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10x time bigger stronger energetic happier and richer tomorrow and all patterns in mind blocking the reality to happen please get deleted now!

People gratitude eliminates fear, worry, grief and brings happiness, kindness, compassion, understanding and peace of mind. So please stop complaining and be grateful for every thing!

night! Ash