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🌈 676 – Mon 2 May 10:50 2022


Feeling soo good after Umrah.. sitting on brother’s glass desk now, the ceiling fan is on full speed and my long curls falling on my neck moving, and probably I’m gonna have my hair shaven today. We had gone into a few hair saloons yesterday after we returned and all of the barbers said, they didn’t have time and they are too busy before Iftar. It was yesterday, the day before Eid day.

Today woke up at 4 AM.. I heard the Azan, mother woke Dad up, I was still a sleep.. Brother walked into my room and said Assalam alaikum to Father and touched me and said, Kaleem.. utho namaz ka time hua amma ( Wake up it’s time for Namaz dear), Dad went into one bath room and brother was in another, I sat on the sofa holding the toothbrush with my eyes closed waiting for one of them to come out, dad came out and I went in.. About 30 seconds later, brohter knocked on the door and he said, they are leaving for Mosque, and I should follow them.

I got ready and left home, I already saw some people putting the Janimaaz on the sreets to set. The Mosque was already full and people started sitting on the streets. I quickly ran back home and asked mother to give me a Janimaaz and ran back home, I got a space on the street behind a parked car, lucky I got to join the Jamath and the last Rakath.


Dad asked earlier if I want a Dolo 650 type of Paracetamol and I said no, they all had to take one because of the journey.

We reached back to Riyadh yesterday afternoon Day before yesterday’s full day we were at the Kaba. The day before an afternoon on Friday after Friday Namaz we left Riyadh to Mecca..

Friday after prayer, Friday Namaz, we went to pick up a bigger car from brother workplace got ready and left home around 13:30, brother drove for about 2000 km return. Left Riyadh the big city with old big big buidlings, first was huge huge mountains everything soon we left Riyadh then started Desert, everywhere just the desert by the road, the mountains have been carved and the road was made and all borders of the road is fenced so the camels cannot come onto the road. For every Namaz we stopped at a mosque and we offered the Namaz, Asar, Magrib and Ishan.. Almost every Petrol bunk in Saudi Arabia has a Mosque, that day we stopped of Asar, Magrib and Ishan.. Brother was driving but he and I fasted rest of the fam Dad, Mom and Sis in Law did not fast..

We drove all day and around 6:30 pm local time where there was a little town we stopped for Iftar.. the Sun was just setting and the view was spectacular in the desert and we stopped by the road in the desert area and all broke our fast. There was no pants anywhere to be seen, we could find some puddles of water here and there but no plants or any sight of the trees. Mostly dry sand for miles and miles and dusty sky with the sand raising up.

To break the fast, we sat in the sand by the Sunset and ate Dates, Oranges, Apples, Bombay mix, Figs, Apples, Pear fruits, Water, Juice, Yogurt drink.. I collected the orange’s seeds that I ate and then collected all the pear seeds and while we sat down I dug in the soil and put all the seeds here and there and watered it hoping for them to grow.. I send my love to all those seeds I planted and the plants to come.


We drove again, and we reached a road side restaurant run by the guys from Pakistan but they spoke clear Arabic and they offered free hot drink, bother and I went in while other sat inside the car, we bought 2 big boxes of Biryani, 2 Naan roti, 1 Chana Masala and 1 Tala hua gosh and then we sat by the road lights and by the desert and by the fence and we our dinner. it was a beautiful evening and I hoped I would see moon as soon as the sun was gone but alas we didnt but was a pleasant evening with the family.

Reached the City Taif around 9:30 pm.. brother drove for about 11 hours non-stop. We booked a hotel that cost us about 250 Saudi Riyals, we were shown the rooms first and they were really massive and huge and it was about 350 Riyal, and we were shown the one with 250 Riyal and it was still massive and huge 2 huge bedrooms, one living room and one kitchen, it was a huge massive apartment with a view. We mostly only see Arabs in the town, posh rich Arabs driving around fast. very fast..


Read tomorrow, I’m going to bed now.

3 things I felt grateful for todayΒ 

* So grateful to have these two great lovely parentsΒ 

* Grateful for my siblingsΒ 

* Grateful for the spot we got to pray today.Β 


What would it take for me and for you to be able to make a lot of money so we can travel a lot and go to many countries and have a wonderful time and all negative patterns in mind that is not allowing that to happen, please get deleted now across the brain, time, dimensions, space and reality? Night. AshΒ Β