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🌈 588 – Sat 18 Dec 23:22 2021


The day that I don’t write. I feel like I’m absent from the world.

So people, write. everybody write, anybody who can write. please write. I just such a good thing. Write about anything, write about nothing but still write or type or whatever.

My right thigh was just itchy, a quicky one.. I don’t know why.. I just itched

You know they when you sit down to write your affirmations, and when you re read your affirmation that you wrote, if your body gives you any feedback, as a itch or you go and touch your head, scratch your nose.. Subconsciously you’re rejecting or something is not aligning with what you’re doing or saying or writing.. It’s easy feedback to receive.

I just wrote all that.. and you’re reading and this is writing.. so people please write.ok? write., write something now! go do.. please go do.. say or just start with, Thank you, God for bringing me to the 1.Planet, then say thank you, for my 2Mamma. thank you for my 3Pappa.. and then if you can’t think of anything list the next 100 thank you’s that you feel like.. thank you for my 4Work.. Thank you for my friend 5Tomi, thank you for my dearest 6Brother, my older brother only brother I have.. Thank you for my 7Sister. thank you for my 8.Brother in law.. thank you thank thank you, honestly he’s such wonderful guy. I give my heart to my jiju. I love him so much. Thank you for my 9Neice, thank you, she’s recently got the 10Medical seat. I prayed thank you. Thank you for my cute little Nephew. 11Dan. It’s making me smile, as I think of him, the only person, I felt like someone truly loves me my little Nephew and someone i saw was once I and I think he’s gonna be my successor. Allaha thank you. thank you for giving me my parents as my 12Parents. thank you for this beautiful 13bedsheet on my sofa that mother gave me last time I went home 2 years ago before covid, thank you for the 14sofa that my landlord gave in the flat, thank you for the 15Qualifications I have received in my life, thank you for being able to 16Walk, thank you for having a 17Life, thank you for 18Breathing, thank you for being able to 19Eat, thank you for being able to 20Smell, thank you for being able to 21See. thank you for being able to 22Hear, thank you for being able to 23Smell, thank you for being able to 25Taste, thank you for the perfect perfect 26Symmetry I have on my body, thank you for my dark thick 27Hair, , thank you for my strong strong 28Teeth.. Thank you for my think 29beard. Thank you for 30Coldplay. thank you for the 31Music on the planet, thank you for being able to 32Enjoy to the music. thank you for the 33Flat that I’m in. Thank you for this flat being 34So close to the Tube station, thank you for the 35Gym being so close to me, Thank you for being able to 36Go to the gym almost everyday I had been in the past few years.. Thank you very much for the way the body had been 37Coming up. Thank you for the 38Swim being very close to my flat. Thank you for being 39Able to swim, thank you thank you thank you.. thank you for my 40Iphone, thank you for 41Having iPhone, thank you for 42Apple, thank you for the 43Food I ate today, thank you for all 44Chicken on the the planet, Thank you for 45Water, Thank you for the little 46Christmas tree I go this year, thank you for all the 47Clothes I have, thank you for being able to 48Exchange close with brother, thank you for his 49Shirt that I’m wearing now, thank you for 50Radio waves, Thank you for my 51Bathroom, so comfortable, thank you for my 52Jason, thank you for 53Ms Sandra, thank you for my 53Tracy my dear Trace.. Thank you for my dearrest 54Gary, thank you for dearest little 55Nelly and 55Olly… Thank you for 56Charl.. I love her so much.. thank you for all the 57Lessons I had in my life, thank you for having 58Florence teacher in school. teaching English we both loved her so much brother and I. our 59Favourite teacher.. Lets name today’s blog honouring her. The Florence.. Thank you God for having and giving me a 60Blog to write.. Thank you for 61SFM 62Introduced me to a lot of things online in Life.. Thank you for 63Wealth I have in life, Thank you for my 64Health, thank you for my 65Smile, thank you for 66Being able to smile. Thank you for being able to remember things from the past etc. I just remembered about having Ramadhan and my class mate kid was around, that thought just came in my mind.. Thank you for 67David guette music. thank you for 68Cardibi.. so funny. Thank you for 69Transport everywhere. . thank you for always having 70Money to travel, thank you for all the 71Money I have in my life, Thank you for being able to 72Type, thank you for being able to 73See the colours.. thank you 74Having good relations around me. Thank you having 75Friends in life, Thank you for being able to 76Speak to them, thank you for the 77Supermarket being so close to me, thank you for supermarkets 78existing around and giving so 79Comfortably, Thank you for 80Tuna Fish, Thank you for my dear friend 81Peter, thank you my dear friend Peter 82Gave me a £50 or £100 gift card to me every Christams, Thank you for all the gifts I received from my 83Stoke family, Thank you for 84greeting cards I received this year. Thank you for all the 85Shoes I have, thank you for being able to 86Walk, 87Run, 88Workout.. Thank you thank you thank you.. Thank you for my 89Dick, thank you 90Pleasure I feel, Thank you for all the 91Sex I will do on the Planet, thank you for 92Wood, thank you very much for my comfortable 93Bed, Thank you 94Sheets, colours and beauty.. thank you for being able to see things in 96Awa.. Thank you for my 97Skin, thank you for my 98Nails, Thank you for having 99You to follow all this.. and one more time let’s praise the Lord and SAY 100Thank you Thank you.. Thank you..

What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times, stronger, happier, richer and have a relaxing yet productive and lot of money receiving day tomorrow? have a good night. and I love you..

God bless you, good luck.. Ash. x