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🌈 378 – Fri 29 Jan 23:48 2021Β 


Woke up 7:30.. with 5 miss calls from dear bro in law ringing me asking for the swift code for the bank.. I msg’d back, I’m ringing the bank and will txt you back so soon as possible. Family always rescues.

It was beautiful outside, the sun was out for a little bit in the morning, then it rained from around 9 to 11 am but surprisingly the floor got dry by 1 pm when I went for the jog. Most of the floor was the dry road, a little bit of water next to Westminster bridge but it was fine. Ran over the Vauxhall bridge first then Lambeth bridge then overtakes the around about Westminster bridge and back home Oval.

Yesterday during the day, had the email from the convertri pages .. “your subscription is ending effective today” I didn’t remember canceling it but it was good. I was going to cancel it anyway soon, and it’s good they gave me a deadline to move all the pages. so after work, I sat down and by midnight I must have created at least 30 pages the website. It’s the power of the deadlines. Convertri is landing side domain provider. ” Landing side means – when a person sees add online and when they click on it, they land on the page of somebody else’s website. that page is a landing page”..

13:50 Offered Friday prayer at home. Didn’t spend a lot of time bkz, I had to work.

Today was a good day in the news today it says, “It is like the saying about London buses – you wait for ages for good news, then two bits come at once. A single dose vaccine, made by US company Johnson & Johnson, is 100pc effective at preventing hospitalization and death from Covid-19. This means that one month after vaccination, no one wh received the vaccine was admitted to hospital or dead.” also Britain on the brink of approving a fourth coronavirus vaccine.. these are such great news for today.

15:50 Mother phoned.. they are visiting Suryapet, spoke to me briefly I said I’m finishing work. Then I phoned back dad after work and spoke to him briefly too.. 18:30 Had dinner.. Rice, red lentils, eggs, roti.. daal.. watching something on Netflix.

21:30.. the meatballs were going off. the expiry date was already yesterday so made meatballs.

3 things I’m grateful for today

  • for all those people who’s making all these efforts to make it all possible.
  • for all those people’s families who’s all making all this possible.
  • for all those people who are really getting help

“What would it take for me and for you to wake up early tomorrow and have a relaxing yet predictive weekend?”

Night, bye! Ash

The moon outside is sooo huge!Β 

01:38.. I’m going to bed now.. I’m going to bed now.. Sleep is coming sleep is coming. sleep zleep zleepΒ .. . . .!β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €


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