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🌈 689 – Sun 29 May 23:44 2022

This is a continuation of the previous part of the Medina episode..

🌈 688 – On Entering Medina

So you enter into this door first.. in there you walk slowly and slowly because it’s packed with people just men though.

Slowly walk along with this men, on the left side there are barriers/curtains to prevent people from going inside of the mosque, and then you walk past the carpet space which is believed to have emerged from the heaven and then you walk past the jaali in between where Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) used to offer Tahajjuth Salah, then finally comes Roze Rasool. 

The Roze Rasool (the grave of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W) is currently in Masjid al Nabawi in Madina. Its dome is constructed in 1817 C.E. It was painted green under the control of Ottoman Sultan Mahmud in 1837 C.E. The Roda Rasool S.A.W holds significant importance for Muslims.

It is in the above Jaali, where Dear Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is. 

now say

Assalatu Assalamu Alaika Ya Rasool Allaha..

Assalatu Assalamu Alaika Ya Haabib Allaha.