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🌈 688 – Sat 28 May 08:19 2022


Morning.. mood feels a bit off waking up today but I have to finish some work so sitting on my bed with my laptop now.

This is a continuation of the post “Way to Medina” .. that night I had to get inside the flight and there was no more wifi to type.

We offered our Friday prayer at the Mosque in the Medina Airport, and we hired rent a car at the airport, then we drove for about 35 min or so.. usually nothing across the borders of the road, white coloured huge mountains from the far but nothing else, and then plenty of Palm / Dates trees. I wonder why there aren’t many large growing trees.

Brother said, look you see that.. that’s Masjid an-Nabawi, you see this arch on the left is the starting of the Masjid an-Nabawi,.. I was feeling so emotional already. We were still far and I only saw the huge pillars and mostly green tomb structured buildings.



We were getting closer and huge wind sand flew in front of us on the road, reminded us last week when we went to Mecca is the first time I saw a sandstorm. Then started coming the huge grave. Jannatul Baqi on the right side. It’s an ancient burial ground where 10,000 Sahaba are buried, Sahaba are the people who were closest to Mohammad.. His pals, friends, cousins, and people from that era who saw him and were around him one of the other times are called Sahaba.

Brother kindly stopped the car on the side and said to me go and have a look from that window, I didn’t know what it was until then..

This is to remind everything will come to an end one day for each and everyone and one has to go.. go somewhere that nobody knows. The books, the scriptures, and the people all promise you of the land afterwards a promised land that you’ll reach one day .. Pray and I’ll send you to Jannath (Heaven), don’t pray and I’ll send you to Jahannum (the Hell), be a good man and I’ll send you to Jannath (Heaven) and be a bad man, and I’ll send to Jahannum ( the hell).. Follow the book I gave you, I’ll send you Jannath (Heaven) and don’t follow my book and I’ll send you to Jahannum (the Hell)..

Nature please take over. The greens plants please grow. It looks like a vast desert land and graves and graves and no plants.

I had a dream last night before leaving for Medina, my brother and I were also talking about having dreams earlier this week and here was one last night. It seems I was at my home town that I was born and on my way to school on the left side after the bridge, there is a small coffee shop type of thing and I was sitting in there with someone but on my way to get to that coffee shop from my home, I saw a few in white robes laid on the side of the road waiting to be buried. All purely showered, wrapped in white it’s the stage just before they put them into a grave. I went into that coffee shop and I met 2 of my 2 old friends at from work from 1st job, I never saw or spoke to them after I left that city nor did have any contacts.. I remember their faces and talking to them.. both girls.

The next day, I saw this huge graveyard in Medina the Jannutal Baqi.. I wondered if these people are at rest or if they still hanging in there. What would it take for nature to take over and have plants everywhere there by next time I go to Medina?

What would it take for plants to grow in middle east? What would it take for plants to grow in Jannutal Baqi? Mohammad’s shrine is inside but if it was outside, I wish for a Desert Rose to grow on his forehead, and Jasmine on his chest and Lilly on his feet.. I wish all those outside graves are to be filled with flowers, plants insects and rain.. and water..

Writing a poem is easy, all you have to do is just write. Write anything., comes to mind. So everyone who’s reading, from now on I grant you permission to write.. Any anything but just write.. and write so write.

The closer we got to the Medina, we saw these type buildings on the sides of the road.Β 

We parked our car by the side on the road there were paid parking spaces available.. and walk through under the bridge to cross other side and enter the Medina’s gate.. It is huge with many gates. You first walk under the umbrellas’Β Deep inside then comes the Green Tomb, that is where Mohammad is lying. It stands out to the rest of the building with a centre attraction with Noor and with glow of a hot sun.Β 

Now say – Assalatu Wassalamu Alaika Ya Rasool Allah.

Assalatu Wassalamu Alaika Ya Habib Allah


We got there in between the time for Zohr to Asr, 2nd and 3rd Prayer of the day, we had time, and they said, they are opening gates to the shrine after Asar namaz, we

came to know they are opening after Asar namaz, we went inside right side to the main gate and sat inside the mosque. It’s massive and beautiful. The architecture is spectacular. Brother and I both offered 2 Rakah’s of Salah Nafil Namaz, and we both read the Quran for some time, I took a nap and my brother continued reading.. a lot of people reading, napping. Are there any Jinns on the planet?

Brother offering Salah..Β 

For Asar we went out of this roof went to do wazu had a glass of water and went inside the next door to pray with Jamath offered Asar Namaz, the carpet is beautiful. Right after the Namaz finished, brother pulled me let’s the time I went outside, a lot of people were already out and started running.. Our flipflaps are still in the bag, we started running towards the door to Mohammad’s Shrine, they were diverting towards entrance, the marble floor below is beautiful and supposed to be cool but it was a very hot day and it the stone got very hot..Β Β 

We couldn’t run, we had to put on our slippers and ran.. I wondered how is it even possible to have such an influence, he’s been gone for thousands of years now and still, these many people were running when their feet are burning to barely see a shrine hidden inside a window. We could I and you, we could even do that we could leave such an influence behind, is it even possible? How can that be achieved?Β 

He says, follow my footsteps and follow the Hadith and the riches are yours..Β