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🌈 515 – Wed 11 Aug 23:41 2021


Woke up at 6:45 AM.. I was feeling so good.. Sun was coming inside the window it was bright and felt good.. Sat up did a few affirmations.. then put the headphones on to the book “Through the eyes of the Truth” and had the protein shake that I made last night, Chicken pepper and spaghetti blend and then meditated for 15 min on Changing beliefs mediation and then ate the soaked brown chickpeas and got ready and went to the gym.

Posted a Morning Fkrs! xx msg on insta stories.. and then At the gym did 4 x sets of Pull-ups and a dips machine bodyweight, an Incline bench press, Barbell bench press, Machine flys, Shoulder press on the machine, and finally a set of Abs on the machine on my way out..

Got back home and ate Rice and lamb and tomato curry and then logged in work sharp at work #workingfromhome.. Work was cool. Filed 10 incoming emails and then some ad-hoc work in the morning.. Had sent a smiley hug emoji message to mother at 10:14 AM..

09:30 to up to 09:58 had listened to Bloomberg audio..

Brother messaged in the group chat around 11, the doc that he was waiting for has been attested, a step closer for him to get all paperwork sorted before he invites his new would-be wedding wife. I messaged him back saying congratulations.. does that mean that you will be traveling to me to the UK soon? we were planning his visit in between the time before his wedding to come from KSA to the UK. He said, haha! I still have so many papers to sort.

13:30 Swim booked a the Vauxhall leisure center.. Got there nice and easy and swam for about 25 min.. Did mostly Front crawls, Backstrokes, and Breaststrokes.. At 14:30 there was a team meeting.. Got to that sharp. Didn’t have to talk but nice to present me I wore a bight colored checks shirt and my hair are getting longer.. The rest of the afternoon went smooth did some redaction work.. Whilst doing that I had listening to 3 x times of Surah Kahf, and once Parah 30 on Audio.

Around 16:30 my ex-flatmate out popped in to get his plants.. Due to Covid all flatmates left leaving the whole flat for myself.. this one paid until the end of this month but at his new place his flatmate is away on holiday so he’s got flat for himself to fuk.. I asked and he said his flatmate doesn’t work from home, I said it would have been a same problem go glad..

Due to Covid everyone left me home leaving me alone.. he said he doesn’t want to take a lot of clothes that he doesn’t ware, I said you can leave them, If i don’t want them I can pass them over.. and as his leaving gift I gave him a sliver bracelet I bought for myself during Christmas that I know I’m not gonna were it It wasn’t going with my arm.. he was happy and he said I actually love sliver but when he left the bich didn’t return the keys he insisted on coming back and cleaning his room.

Sat back on my desk after he left and then logged off work around 17:15..

17:45 took a nap for 30 min .. then got ready and went to Run. Ran from Oval to Albert Embankemnt then lambeth bridge then over to the Westminster bridge and via Tate and then Vauxhall bridge got home via RVT. Whilst passing by RVT, I saw a beautiful tall probably bloke dressed up like a drag but looked professional and decent walking in Royal Vauhxall Tavern pub.. I wanted to go back there straight but I was going back home form Run..

Got home ate a Can of Tuna, boiled 2 eggs, brushed teeth and then showed and then ate Eggs and then made the Chicken, pepper spaghetti blend protein shake earlier while eating the Tuna.. Got ready and left home to go to RVT.. I just got outside the building and my feet started being funny.. my shoes were playing up I had realised these were the shoes what I was going to avoid they were being funny with my feet. so I had to go back. I got home and then changed my shoes and then about to leave home I had been listening to Tim ferriss’s podcast and some lady that he was talking to was talking about mediation and all the effects she has and everyday my personal goal is to read 40 times of Surah Fatima whenever I remember them during my day I sit down close my eyes and read Surah Fatima 40 times and this lady was talking about the meditation, I was just about to leave when I was thinking myself, should I really go? me going out again now, does it align with my goals? I was asking myself and I remembered the Surah Fatima at that time so I thought I better sit down now and meditate and the answer will come hopefully. I came back home to change shoes and sat down to mediate.. Finished felt good. I felt like, yeah, it’s go out have a beer or so in RVT… and you saw that drag thing it must be fun. Got left home, just leaving I looked at my phone the time was 21:09… just got out of the building around the same place where I turned earlier I realized It’s getting cold, I definitely would need a jumper me even walking around. It was such a bright warm day today.. So I went back again. this time just took my jumper and then ate a bunch of soked in water almonda and took a Apple and left home.. went straight to RVT and the bouncer at the door said, it’s a private party. I cannot come in? the lesbian looking short hair blond bouncer man dressed women said No! I turned and walked the same path again that went running earlier this time it’s dark walked up to embankemet peer to the Tamesis dock the boat on the river that has a pub, dinner dj and party. wet there and got a Martini espresso 11% for £9.50.. walked around the doc and then asked the bartender to give me a plastic cup and got the fuk out from there and walked back the path towards Lambeth bridge then toward same via MI6 walked back home listening to “The big secets for the small investors” book on audio.. got home, didn’t finish that drink made a Steak with half potato chips and ate it and now typing.. How was your day man? did you have a good day?

3 thing I’m grateful for today

  • for all the lesson I have learned through you the day
  • grateful for the food I consumed.
  • grateful for humans inventing the electricity

What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x time stronger bigger richer calmer orginiser tomorrow and have relaxing yet productive day filled with lots of love fun and happines.s

Night sleep tight.. Good luck.. Ash!


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