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sWed 16 Sep 00:29



Tuesday woke up.. went to gym, logged on work great.. met mate Jase for lunch at Tommy fields in Kenningon,.. it was his treat this time. they do really nice traditional British pies.. I had chick and ale pie.. Jase had the same.. It has Mash at the bottom, baked pie on the top inside pie was Chicken.. and there was a gravy you add on top. It’s so tasty.. I also had a bunch of sweet potato chips.. 

After lunch, opposite the restaurant there is this beautiful church, we walked up to there, my mate bought himself and me a plant.. red leaves. so beautiful.. he has to go into work tomorrow.. to the office.. I’m glad I can still work from home.. 

Went back home to work from lunch.. such a beautiful day today with 27 degrees.. so bright and sunny and warm.. 

Took a quick 12 min nap around 5:20.. After work.. then at 6.. attended the base studio class .. In the morning at the gym.. I had done legs. On the Menu.. ! 

On my way, I walked by the river.. sat for a few min under the sunset.. a few people sitting watching sunset there.., then went into little sainsbury’s to buy some chicken.. got home.. 

3 things i’m grateful for today 

– for the kind beauty who served me at the tommy fields.. 

– for the food the food I ate there. 

– for my mate Jase.. x 

wish of my day – what would it take for me, for you, for my mate and for this happy girl to get what ever we need now to come to us easily, smoothly and abundantly..  

good night and good luck 

Ash Khaleem .. 

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