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Thu 21 Jan 23:56 2021


Woke up at 9:30.. had booked the day off today and tomorrow and have a weekend off so it’s a long weekend off. It’s dead outside. I have never seen London this quiet. It’s literally no people outside right now.. It makes me wonder how many people must have died today so the roads are completely empty. I was so shocked to hear on the radio earlier the commentary in between songs it said. 1 in 3 people has the coronavirus. I was like what! that can’t be true. I hope none of my flatmates have..

I just gonna go and have a quick glance at the news now. I hope I don’t get carried away.

Good news!! the figures are going down. that’s what the BBC says. Last 24 hours there is only 1290 died. The day before yesterday when I saw it was 1610 so it’s good news the death toll is going down.Thank you, God!

12:30 PM – Went up to London bride this afternoon and then walked back home. Did manage to take a few pics on my way back. Massive queue in front of the Tesco in Kennington I was glad I went to Tesco express near London bridge. My bag was heavy when I was walking back home but I want to feel like a workout when I’m out. Can’t really wait for the gyms to open up again soon. In the news I looked at earlier it says they are going to review the current which is the 3rd lockdown on 15th Feb. “Oh my God I can’t believe I have never been this far away from home” – this is the song that’s currently playing on the virgin radio.

6:30 pm. got home. Saw my flatmate in the kitchen she said, I’m going to the supermarket, do you need anything. I thought that was sweet and I said no, I have been to one today. thank you. ok see you later.

8:20.. did some pushups in the kitchen while cooking dinner and posted that pushups video to Instagram stories. A lot of people are following me. I hope I make them do some workouts at home. Made really yummy coriander rice and Beef mince ate watching Schitz creek. it’s goofy but it’s funny.

People if you happen to read up to there – then open your ears and listen to me..

Do not forget your daily workout.. Go for run, do some pushups at home, at least 10 pushups. Go for walk. Don’t sit in front of the tv hour and hours. Don’t eat crap and Don’t lie and say untrue things during the day.

It’s 12:00 AM now .. Happy birthday to my friend Anny!! I miss you..

3 things I’m grateful for today

  • for being safe
  • for all people around me to be safe.
  • For all my family is safe

What would it take for me and for you to have everything to be just fine now and forever and everything in the way of that, all thoughts and emotions relating to that manifesting please get deleted now!

Good night!

Ash KhaleemΒ 

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Sorry, I don’t read or re-write or check spelling or grammar when I finish writing. This is for me when I look back into my life. I will have drafted my days. and I really challenge you, you should be doing as well. Night for sure now! x


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