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Invest In Your Health

 🌈  696 – Mon 6 Jun 23:56 2022


Woke up early but was still in bed. Was not too early to go to the gym nor to get off the bed. I was feeling so good. I stayed in, prayed, meditated for 15 min and then,

Logged in to work sharp at 8 AM. first day back since the Queens jubilee bank holiday weekend, a long break and I was feeling good starting work. Ate Tuna, Oranges, and brown chickpea soaked in water for breakfast and then worked until 13:00 and then lunch break.

13:07 started to get ready and I got a call from EON electricity asking when they can fit the smart meter at home I said get in touch with LL and she hung up, I got distracted and by time I saw It was already 13:26, going now to the gym is not worth it, as I have to login back to work at 14:00.. Instead, I took a 15 min nap and then offered Zohar Salah and still had some more time it was 13:52 and I took the time to complete YouGov survey.. until 14:01 I did the survey and logged in work after the afternoons session. Went smooth.

YouGov is downloading the app and you can participate on Govt. decision and provide your message in return make points and points and 5000 points £50 bank deposit they, you’re helping the gov. to help you. win-win.

Logged off at 16:45, there was more work so I stayed a bit extra and then I booked a class at the gym. Legs, Bum and Tum at 18:00. From 17:15 to 17:44 took a nap with the alarm on and then quickly got ready and went to the class at 18:00 sharp, the class didn’t start until 18:07. Just at the entrance at to class, I saw my old mate Sxx with long hair and a beard. He’s still got his covid beard, I got rid of mine a few weeks ago.

Legs, Bum and Tum class at the PureGym Monday evening is really good one. The girl started with hopping and jumping and did many interesting things with fewer weight and more body weights. I felt really good after the workout and walking home, got home close to 19:00.. Made dinner, meat, rice, tomatoes, eggs, sun-dried mangos, and dates, I ate for dinner.

Started watching The great Romans documentary on Netflix, it’s well done, only watched until I ate.

The Prime minister is going for a confidence vote tonight with his party, I send you my regards my friend, it sucks to be you right now. Russia still invading Ukraine. More mass shootings in the US. Guys, please revoke the gun licence for everyone excluding Govt. and military. The rest of the world is living without guns you don’t need guns to live life. It does not matter whether you’re law-abiding or not. No is a no! and no to guns!

20:30 offered Magrib Namaz and then Ishan Namaz together.

21:09 Mother messaged it was 23:09 there where she is in Arabia 2 hours ahead of my time, brother’s moving home so some furniture is gone and she’s waiting for him to return home, they did eat earlier. Dad’s already paduku. (slept)

3 things I felt grateful for today

  • Felt so grateful walking home from gym class, glad I pushed me to go.
  • So grateful I felt I was able to lay in the morning today
  • So grateful for how the weekend went, the long weekend off.. Universe… I don’t wanna learn any more life lessons, my character is developed,..Just go away!!!

What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times, energetic, happier, richer and stronger tomorrow and have a nice relaxing yet productive Tuesday and then the rest of the week and all negative patterns please get deleted now! Night, sleep is coming. Ash

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