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🌈 572 – Fri 19 Nov 23:35 2021


Woke up early.. Did not got back to bed. Sat up with my laptop up to 7:15.. then I think meditated 15 min. I cannot remember. then I did a few pushups incline feet on the bed.

I had to go into the office today. Got to work around 8:30.. My dear dear dear friend Cxxxxx said she’s leaving.. I moved up and she had taken the job and we had been friends since then.

The rest of the day just worked through. Nice productive day. Monday I have compassionate regulator training.. looking forward to the weekend.

My Goals this weekend.

  • speaking to parents.
  • landlord coming for visit this Thursday getting ready for him.
  • Check clothes for Monday training.
  • Cook and eat well
  • Gym or Swim or Jog. depends how I feel.
  • Throw away the spare red table.
  • The main goal for the weekend is completing updating my website since my submission to google adsense.

3 things I felt grateful for today

  • for the music which is playing behind me
  • Grateful for mince pie that I’m about to eat.
  • Grateful for comfortable bed waiting for me x

What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times stronger, energetic, happier, richer and have a very very relaxing yet productive weekend .. ??

Good night, good luck. Ash. x