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There’s nothing like a bit of a motivation to get you starting your week right, so I thought I’d share what I’ve been working on myself during the isolation.ย 

Become an expert

Youโ€™re working from home, working out from home, eating, educating kids and entertaining yourself at home โ€“ as you adjust to this new routine, make sure you arenโ€™t putting your goals and dreams on pause. This is the perfect time to commit to a new daily routine that prioritizes what you want in life โ€“ one that replaces the temptation of a mindless TV ย with the promise of personal growth.

Learn by Doing

With the call still for social distancing, this is the perfect time to turn inward is what we all need the most. ย Or, use this time to discover what you want most out of life, and how youโ€™ll take action to get there.

Build your portfolio

Today is not “another painful day”.ย  Let your smile remind you of that.ย  Don’t waste it.ย When you start to make the most of EVERY day, you will start living your best life.

Achieve your goals

This week , let’s challenge ourselves to wake up smiling, and really live each day.

Let me know how good that felt!

Have a wonderful week ahead!


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