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Introducing Divi

The best place to start is at the beginning.

 🌈 715 – Sun 26 Jun 23:51 2022


Woke up early, a bright beautiful day. Went to the gym around 11:30.. Sun was out and it was warm, went out only with shorts t-shirts to the gym, not a lot of people were there Sunday still early. Last night all things were packed so must be everybody sleeping.

Had done upper body. First did 4 x sets of pull-ups and then 4 sets of Dumbell bench press, 4 x sets of Incline Bench press, 4 x sets of Dumbell Lateral Raise, 4 x sets of Dumbell shoulder press, 4 x sets of Dumbell Hammer curls and then 4 x sets of Shoulders on the machine and finally 4 x sets of drop set Abs on the machine.

Got home ate breakfast and sat at my desk the rest of the day.

3 things I felt grateful for today

  • for the productive day I had
  • For sister texted around 3 pm asking me to apply for a Golden UAE visa.
  • Grateful for not being in any conflict zone right like our brothers and sisters in Ukraine are.

What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times stronger, happier, richer tomorrow and have a relaxing yet very productive Monday and then the rest of the week to come and all negative patterns please get deleted now. . sleep is coming.. good night. Ash