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  The art of producing decorative handwriting or handwritten lettering with a pen or brush. 

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🌈 597 – Mon 03 Jan 23:56 2022


Woke up around 9:30 .. the last day of the final bank holiday Monday of the Christmas break. I questioned my Integrity a lot of times today. Integrity is when you set a goal you have to complete it. You want to complete some work by 3 pm today and you get distracted by doing other things. but you’re integrity will remind you, you’re most important thing you should be doing and you promised yourself to finish it by 3 pm..

I set so many goals to finish by the Christmas break finishes but my priorities felt changed and now almost morning tomorrow’s Friday day back at work, I feel a little funny, I should have done more.. and they say you’re exactly where you are supposed to be, you are in a right place.

How can this be the right place? my neck hurts, I’m sitting on my chair with my bum sticking bkz I had a pimple sister gave and put some cream on it. I worked so hard all the Christmas break I have just the money for the rent. Tomorrow starting work, Allaha meri madad kar.

“Ya Allaha, pure managero ko mere dost banakar, kaam aasani se khatam hoogaye sarka karke, Aasani se izzath ke, achee kapade pehenke jane wale, ab ke salary se be double triple aur fourable dilate huwe, logan deekhte hi pareshaan hoogaye sarka, aaram se, sakoon se guested offer ke position kaise, khali signature karne wali, achi ek Job abke job rahete per ek naya offer letter ya promotion dilade Allaha.. Jaldi.. aur uske saath.. Sub ke ankhon ke saamne, bina kuch kharche ke, bina kuch stress ke, aasanise consistent 100 quality leads aur 10 converting aps per day dete hue, mere campaigns ko unusually successful banatehue, meri taraf se uss zaaroorath mand ke madad farma Allaha uske saath saath, mere online business se mere income 300K/day banade Allaha.. Tu chahe to kuch bhi kar sakta hia.. Rabba nathi naafid dunya hasan thaufil aakhira hasana thaufil Azaabanaar..”

3 things I felt grateful for today

  • Grateful for being in the state of flow all the way during jogging this evening.. Vauxhall bridge, Lambeth bridge, and Westminster bridge.
  • Feeling grateful for utilizing my time productive today
  • Grateful for my ears. some bird is singing outside window now and feels good.


What would it take for me to and for you to wake up 10 x times stronger, bigger and richer tomorrow and have a relaxing yet great and productive day tomorrow? Night, good luck.




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