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Trust the process


🌈 612 – Tue 25 Jan 19:01 2022


Sitting on my bed, feeling comfortable. All-day today trying to figure out what to do with the user registrations.

Woke up at 9:30.. did an HTML course in the morning, and went swimming at lunchtime around 2:20 pm. Was feeling so great.. swimming was so good.. did my best and every day is a challenge. I don’t feel I wake up in my day until I put on a challenge and I accomplish it..Β Β 




Appreciate those who don’t give up on you

Of course we are all afraid of our parents, children and vulnerable.Β 

Stop! Sit down, put hand on your heartΒ every day and remind yourself, let me hold myself, my parents, and my vulnerable close to my heart. May they be safe and well and hold them with compassion.Β 

Then your next step – is to link you spirit to all those who are steady and calm, to those thousands and thousands the physicians, nurses, the fathers and mothers attending their children who need to find their way to attend one another with steadiness, compassion and calm.Β 

Focus on what you want. Not, what you don’t want.

The Universe has provided you with a retreat and a lot of opportunity to use it this way.Β 

You can either give in to or get lost in fear or anxiety or you can take this as a time to become to train yourself in steadiness, trust, in ability to have a vaster and broader prospective.Β 

If not then anything, you can develop care and commitment to everyone else.Β Β 

With that in mind , don’t panic, generations after generations we as humans, we know how to hold this, we have been training our whole lives for this difficulty, let us see thisΒ as it is not happening to us, it is happening for us.

Let me know how it goes and I hope you and your family the best.

Have a wonderfully blessed week ahead!