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Mon 19 Apr 23:52 2021




Woke up 7:30. got ready took a shower and sat on my desk at around 08:09 sharp. Was a good day. the Sun was out so beautiful I pulled my chair towards the window Sun was on my face.


I think today was 5th day of the fast has gone well didn’t feel anything. Around mid day dad phoned saying the construction work going on back home at my parent’s house finished the slab. Was nice to hear from him.


Lambeth council had mailed me today asking me to do the Covid test for the South African variant.. hmm. and India is added into red list countries. PM cancelled trips to India.


3 things I’m grateful for today


  • for family
  • for patents
  • for existence of all homosepians


What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 times energetic bigger happier and have a relaxing yet productive day and smooth and everything to be just fine tomorrow and the rest of the week and everything in the way of that, please all illusions and mind patterns please get removed now! Thanks! Night! x Ash!


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