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🌈 666 – Wed 13 Apr 23:31 2022


Woke up early.. Strange dreams last night. but I felt like l slept well.. My head hurts because I have been grinding my teeth a lot a bit more than usual. It’s called Brexisum. Today was the 12th day of the Ramadhan fast, and going well I thought I had woken up today and I felt like I ate food in the morning and then I said to myself, did I go back to bed after eating, why am I still in bed, why am I getting off the bed now.. when I went to the kitchen, I realised I did not wake up in the Sehr.. Never was that strong of a dream felt like I woke and ate food but I was asleep. so strange but I like these type of weird things happening.

The first post on Instagram was.. G.Morning bro’s and sista’s, just a couple more days for the weekend, I honestly thought that when I was dragging myself out of the bed. So glad. tomorrow is last working day of the week. Thursday, the weekend is a bank holiday weekend in the UK so Friday and Monday is off. So glad.. go glad.. so glad.. thank you thank you thank you.. feels like so long week and so busy week. So glad to be having a long weekend off.. looking forward.. When will all this grind ends?

I’m sure all the people who are on my Insta feel the same. when will this humans stop grinding lives. slaves to work.. and work and work.. I wish there no technology and we would all be cavemen and will have no stress in life. Roam around, eat what we find, and probably be happy instead sit in the closed room stuck to the desk day and night and then the next day and night.. and then the day.. and then another day .. and you realise where did all these years go and I’m still sitting here. Shame on me.. shame on you! shame on this world what it has become.

YouGov sent me a survey to finish in the morning, asking me to fill. it’s usually sent to general public who are signed up with them. asking them some daily questions. today they had asked, where the Prime minister and another minister should resign for breaking the Covid rule last year.. and ain’t gonna tell you what did I vote for. I’m just gonna look at the survey to see the results, 55% said he should resign, and 39% said should remain because we are at war.. I was stuck in my room I had 2 flatmates at that time and they kept to themselves during all the lockdown, I felt like a jail, we weren’t allowed to meet a second person, nor to mix houses, everyone was in their homes and rooms and in prisons nor we were allowed to go out except for physical exercise.. so I ran and ran every morning without a break for 8 months, there was scare of halal chicken so I ate cans of tuna and lentils and rice and eggs and I ran and ran and ran.. and the ministers were partying in parliament. No offence darlings. Please do get away with the fines.

There has been evidence of chemical weapons used in Ukraine from Russia.. Russia you piece of shit.. each and every individual in your country.. shame on you and shame on the existence of you all as human beings.. what is wrong with you all.

Bloomberg reported 20,000 deaths in Maripol in Ukraine, a drone dropped a chemical weapon from Russia and killed so many. US says war crime and the UK and rest of the Europe started private investigations into the usage of chemical weapons. shame on you you fucked up humans shame on you!

I stayed at my desk the rest of the day, my brother phoned around 11 am and we shared the screen and we were booking the visa and tickets to go visit family for Ramadan, I cannot wait to see all of them. I cannot wait to see mum and Dad and it’s close to 4 years now. Let’s erase all the borders of all countries and make it one notation Ash and we will have no restrictions and no forms and insurance to take and have no head.

It was 18 degrees in London. Around 5 I left home walked up to Guden road in Clapham and met Nxxxx my mate and we drove around for couple hours, it was a beautiful day. A lot of people were outside. I was so hot in the car, I even took my jumper off.

3 things I felt grateful for today

  • Grateful for not being in Ukraine right now.
  • Grateful for not being a prime minister right now.
  • Grateful for being on my bed now.

What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times stronger, happier, richer, smarter and be able to wake up to sehr at 4 am and then rest and then have a great relaxing yet productive day at work and then then the long easter weekend.. and all negative patterns from the mind? please get deleted.

Good night, good luck.. I love you so much!


Never lose faith. Keep working hard, you’ll find a way.

Do what is right Not what is easy


You are the light that you seek!

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