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 🌈 716 – Mon 27 Jun 23:35 2022


Woke up early. Mediated 15 min. Ate a can of Tuna and Chickpeas and got ready and went for run.

Sun was just coming, bright and warm. It was 19 degrees in London today. People were just starting to walk to work. Many bikes around. The bike road seems a bit too packed up. Mostly the bike roads are blue in colour by the main roads. Encourages a lot of people to bring bikes to work in the city than cars.

Ran from Oval tube up to Royal Vauxhall Tavern RVT by the signals I thought oh.. mind was thinking so many things since I left home for the run and only this much I ran, I’m still around RVT, I still have a long way to go. Let’s try and consciously think something nicer.

Vauxhall Bridge and by the Lambeth bridge, and over Westminster bridgee by Covid Memorial wall I took the stairs and by Oval Cricket ground, I got back home and had a shower and offered 2 Rakaths Farz Namaz. Then 4 Rakaths Ishan last nights and 3 Rakaths Magrib also. All Namaz’s are caught up.

Logged in work great. Monday usually there is more time before work starts, no meetings until late afternoon to give more time to settle in. Had been redacting all day. Finished the part that I was working on.

Ate Banana, Samiya, Milk, Moghziyath ( roasted dry fruits mother given), Rice and Kabab for breakfast so far.

12:35 got ready and went to attend the body pump class that I had looked up earlier on the Pure Gym App at the Oval. I got there nice and easy. Body Pump full body 45 min workout with a group is a great way to get motivated and finish the workout.

13:33 I was back at my desk. Logged back and did some work until 14:15. Decided to eat after the 14:30 huddle therefore sat and finished more work until 14:30.

14:30 Huddle meeting went well. I wish I had more courage to express myself more clearly, consciously and creatively every time I open my mouth.

What would it take for me and for you to be so comfortable from now on every time we speak out to say something? All negative emotions, and patterns held in the mind that is holding back, please immediately leave us NOW!

14:45 mother texted asking, If I had eaten I said no I was gonna eat after the meeting at 14:30 I was going to eat now and started eating lunch chatting. Ghee, Ambada bhaji, Kabab and Dahi for lunch. Was Yum! Dad was resting and bru came home earlier for lunch from work and went back again.

16:05 logged off work and immediately took a nap, bkz, I was gonna on drive at 17:00 with Nxxxx. 15 min nap or so, work up 16:22 I was feeling good.. Left home 16:40 and walked to Stockwell, we drove around chatting. The traffic was huge around Clapham North and Clapham park. Bright day so people are out.

19:09 I was home and I took another nap for 20 min or so. then a friend from Peckham messaged that he was passing by and was gonna drop in and I said yes fine.. he was over and stayed for about 45 around 20:15 and left at 22:10 something.. stomach was still full from lunch and did not feel like eating heavy but I still ate the same lunch a bit more for dinner so I can stay up till late to do some more work,

Devastated by the glimpse of the news from Ukraine’s attack on a shopping centre where 1000 civilians were inside by Russian Missile 5 hours ago is heartbreaking.

3 things I felt grateful for today

  • grateful for staying at home.
  • for not being in some humans agression
  • Grateful for the sleep which is coming now.


What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times more stronger, sharper, happier and richer tomorrow and have another day filled with gratitude, lessons, love and laughter and all negative patterns please leave now? Night, goodluck! Ash