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Β I am encouraging you to start writing..

Every day is a new chance

🌈 714 – Sat 25 Jun 23:56 2022


Woke up early, and mediated for 15 min. ate a can of Tuna, worked for a bit on laptop, then had a shower and offered Fajr Namaz. 2 Rakaths Farz, then 4 Rakaths last night Ishan, and 3 Rakaths Magrib.

Is this love that I’m feeling.. Is this love, that I have been searching for? Is this love (is this love?) or am I dreaming?

Is this love that I’ve been searching for? is This love.. by Whitesnake is playing on radio and my heart is going la la la..a…

11:45 I took the tube to Marble Arch, went there to see some friends in town, stayed out until 6, ate Cheese, lettuce, Tomato and Red Onion Sandwich around 13:30 with a big bottle of Orange Juice. I thought it was a fresh juice but it was concentrate and ate Sandwich with bag of Salt andΒ  vinegar chips. The weather was really good, a lot of people were outside. Just with shorts, t-shirts not many with jackets a few jumpers but mild to wild weather.

There was also Network rail strike today but it did not effect the Underground tube so it was fine. What a nice and pleasant day today it was.

16:50 Mother txted asking all good and I said yes, great and tomorrow I will probably be checking the formal shirts and trousers I have to wear to work in coming weeks. She said, Bru was sleeping and Dad was doing the Tilawat. (reading the book). I said I am out, I’m heading home soon.

I went to Tesco on my way bought some fruits and vegetables and was home around 18:14. Took the same way back, Central line from Marble Arch to Tottenham Court Road, from there Northern Line to Oval. The Journey was smooth.

18:50 I took a nap for few min. 20:01 mate Tomi messaged asking If I was coming to the Clapham party and I did not respond, I have been out all day.

3 things I feel grateful for today

  • For iphones and technology.
  • For headphone and it’s invension
  • Gratefuel for, yes Fuel.. for being assigned as a human at this time.

It seems there an alein an extra extraterrestrial being watching earth from sky sees some people were in Clapham park, some guy in Marble Arch some busses on the street, people with dogs, a little glowing ball Sun around them, they have light and dark, what are all these people doing. Why are they rest less? why don’t they stay still, they are alway doing something. What power must they have? Will we ever be able to face them the Sons of God.

What would it take for me and for you to have a most productive Sunday tomorrow and filled with Laughter, joy and feeling good energy all day tomorrow and then the rest of the week to come and all negative patterns please get removed now… Night, Ciao, North London Post code starts with N1. Night, Goodluck, Ash