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Β 706 – Thu 16 Jun 23:55 2022


Woke up early around 6:45 I was feeling good.. Went for a run before logging work, only ran from Oval to Vauxhall bridge then over the Lambeth bridge and via Albert embankment, I got home quickly, and usually go to Westminster bridge also.

Logged in work sharp at 8 AM. Thursday’s work went well.

I’m feeling like saying. Universe go away, I don’t want any more lessons. Just leave me alone!

During the lunch break, I got ready with what I was going to wear this evening when I was going to see some mates. sat and meditated for a few min also and then also offered Zohr Namaz.

2 pm sat back at the desk, rest of the afternoon went smooth. Logged off at 4 pm sharp and took a nap for 20 min.

Woke up and started getting ready to go out, I had worn, black jeans, a light parrot green shirt, and brown suedeΒ shoes, and left home at 17:05 to get to South Kensington from the Oval, I first took the Northern line going towards the bank, got off at Kennington Station, cross the platform train going towards Charring cross and got of Embankment for District line and got off at South Kensington and 17:35 and there was some delay at the Oval to Kennington station awaiting for the empty platform at the beginning.

I got off at the South Kensington walking towards Albert Embankment, I took the entrance from the directions from the Tube station but that was nothing so I followed the map and then started walking it felt like walking and I crossed the roads, and then I don’t want to keep them waiting so I ran for the cab the other side of the road and got the cab, first the cab guy said, Albert hall is just down there, you walk down. I said, no I’m running very late, please could you take me he was a bit quiet and then he said yes.. It was a 2 min drive from there and the cab guy drove around looking at the door no. 10.. My mates’ bunch were exactly standing there.

I got off the cab and shook their hands, mate Pxxxx(ptq), and Jxx.. and a few more.. happy to see and just be out with them. We went to eat first early, in this Italian restaurant called Verdi by the Royal Albert Hall, thanks to dear Pxxx, who’s organised and paid for all of us.

A Little YOU Time

Car Man’s show was exquisite at the Royal Albert Hall.. the crew was the best actors, performers and lovers too. It was well done. We also had ice cream in the break.

The show finished around 9:30 and we all walked back to the Tube station and headed home, I bid farewell to Pxxx and Jxx at the Embankment when I got off to take the Northern Line. i got home, I was still a bit hungry so I ate again then I had a wank and went to bed.

3 things I felt grateful for today

  • For my mate Pxxx and he’s always been so kind. Pure love has no conditions or boundaries. Love does not hold back. Love gives all the time and asks for nothing in return.
  • So grateful for the weather which stayed so great today.
  • Grateful for the ideas which are coming and building up.

What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times stronger, happier, richer tomorrow morning and have a relaxing yet productive Friday and do not forget to pray and all other negative patterns please get removed and clear the brain! Night, sleep is coming. Ash