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Β Β 

  • Compulsory Free Education and Health to all. NHS example.
  • Wealth DistributionΒ Β 
  • Compulsory military school to all from 17 to 19 for discipline.Β 
  • Count demography – No Homelessness
  • World poverty first priority.Β 
  • Pension to all after an age.
  • Mindfulness and mental health awareness from school.
  • Global warming immediate steps.
  • Free farm lands for all anyone wants to use put their efforts in and cultivate. (Linga Murthy sir example).Β 
  • Release of all Birds and Fishes from the cages including animals (recycle)Β 
  • No guns to humans including police and military. (we have invented this instrument and it proved to be an evilΒ invention so let’s put it to rest) including all nuclear things, there are other things that needs more attention.Β