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🌈 442 – Thu 22 Apr 23:34 2021


Time and time getting better by time I sit down to write.. time and it is getting better. by time I sit down.. If any of you know how to make my time disappear from my Mac can you please email me.. you’ll do me a lot of help.

Woke up 7:30. the sun was out and so beautiful it was. sat in the new room working flatmate left room empty so sitting in the new room working in the morning sun was out was so good and so happy tomorrow Friday.

around 11 am checked the calendar and it was 10 fast today.

goals for the weekend

  • byheart dad’s sent script
  • youtube video
  • broadcast
  • speak to parents
  • clean the flat
  • fast
  • cook, eat well and
  • blog
  • meditate
  • speak to brother sister
  • driving class sat 24th 13:00

Took a nap lunch time. rest of the day was cool.

Did Covid test today sent through the post. after work, opened the mail, watched that youtube video, did the test and went up kenningotn post office 17:00 post office was still open took into the post office and the guy said drop it in the red box outside.

On my way home walked from towards eagle, vauxhall farm sat in the vauxhall pleasure gardens probably for 20 min Sun was out, a few people in the park but not that many but it was cold. Sun was bright but was cold and I left came home.

18:01 mother texted, chatted for little bit, congratulated for finishing 10 days “Pahla ashayera hogaya”..

18:30 took another nap.. an hour. woke up got ready and prepared for Sehr breaking the fast. had Banana’s and dates then water. then Can of Tuna, then rice, lentils, eggs, some beef mince, whey protein shake, a bottle of water so far.. it’s 00:47 now.. the next fast starting at 04:11 AM.. few more hours.

for the people in the human world, well done! today 30 countries today make the uk’s green list for summer from May 17. well done well done! the vaccination is going well.. Just a few more days guys and we can all be free and figures show coronavirus is no longer leading cause of death in both England and wales last month fro the first time since October.. well done, well done. well done!

lets write a poem or sing a song. ( make your;e own tune)

Well done! well down! well well well done!

lets celebrate lets celebrate lets celebrate this well done!

The best view comes after the hardest climbs.

how you do one thing is how you do everything.

Well done! well down! well well well done!

Be cold. Be hot. Be high. Be low..

But dont you focus on the things that you cant control.

One day is one worth two tomorrows.

Well done! well down! well well well done!

3 things I’m grateful for today

  • for my iphone
  • for mirrors
  • for water on our planet

what would it take of me and for you to have relaxing yet productive Friday tomorrow filled with love laugher and gratitude.. Night! Ash