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Tue 3 Nov 23:47 2020


woke up at 6:30.. meditated 15 min. went into work today after 8 months I think, since the lockdown.. It was nice a nice walk. it was so nice to see.. there were only 4.. nice to see some of the friends.. got home from work.. ate a can of Tuna, ate a can of Tuna before work.. then was on the phone for like 40 min checking the notifications.. checking some work.. I had outsourced on Fiver for adding some clickable links to an ebook.. ( Fiver is an outsourcing website where you can outsource some of your admin work to Philipines, or India where this talent will help you out. Any work really.. In the past I made them create a few pages on the website etc.. )ย 

around 6:30.. Tired to take a nap.. then finally took a few min nap. Wanted to sleep with this Dan Loks meditation on and so many advertisements.. even in the meditation videos.. come on guys! Remove all annoying advertisements from youtube.. took a quick nap. went for a run around 8.. it was cold.. 8 degrees in London.. just when I was going out, my flatmate got in from the supermarkets I asked her if it’s cold. she said yes.. I’m going like this in shorts to run. she said it will be cold.. I said I don’t have those tights like yours. I do have them! I didn’t wanna wear them.. then I looked out the window and I saw this guy running.. and he was just on the shorts.. so I thought there is the sign.. yeah I can go out like this..ย 

went for a run.. from Vauxhall over Albert embankment, Lambeth bridge, Westminster bridge then over to the Vauxhall bridge back home to Oval. My mate Simone had messaged me over the weekend that he’s finishing work at 8:30 today and wanted to come and hang in for a bit..ย comes every week..ย 

I told him, I’m going for a run.. I’m going for a run. If’ I’m late.. just come. I ate chatting to him. he left around 10:30.. showing me his dog pics.. then I went to the kitchen to make pasta and boiled a can of Red kidney beans..ย 

so grateful for these can o beans.ย 

so grateful for the gas to heat thisย 

so grateful for being able to eat

what would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 times energetic active happier and younger tomorrow..ย ย 

Night. Ash

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