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Fri 23 Oct 00:18 


Thursday woke up very early.. went to attend Absolute abs class at the gym, 7 something.. worked 8 to 4.. spoke to mother around 5:30. was just finishing work.. brother was phoning her while I was speaking so she said bye to me and went to speak to him.. took a nap 6:30 to 7.. went for a run after waking up.. Ran albert embankment, then I saw these bunch of people kayaking I went under the Lambeth bridge on the road and they were under the bridge in the water.. I thought in water was faster than land but I was faster then them.. they were so behind I forgot about them, ran upto Westmister bridge, took each step to go up I was getting closer to the middle, the kayaks were under the bridge..

cooked lamb for dinner. sister phoned around 9:30.. it was midnight for her.. Neice also talked.. she had some cute cute zoology and physics questions.. I was just happy to here her voice.. 

looking for a deal on Fiver to outsource the ebook.. donno what to do with amazon. 

3 things I’m grateful for today 

– for the laptop 

– for the family 

– for the food I consumed today 

what would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 times stronger energetic younger happier bigger energititc and richer tomorrow..