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Wed 30 Sep 23:52 2020


Woke up energetic around 7 am.. it was really bright and beautiful outside in the morning then it went cloudy then it started raining all afternoon like crazy but it was nice.ย 

I come across all these nice nice songs on the radio at this time of midnight usually. Chelsea Dagger The Fratellis song was on the radio just now and again it feel so so so good. sometimes the music feels so nice. there is another song on now, right now.. I want this song to finish soon! oh God!ย 

Work was good.. finished work on time. met a mate after work.. Hxx.. such a sweetheart. we went to an Indian restaurant Est India union street, was a good place.. I don’t know how much the bill was, I was treated by my dear friend.. reminding me of the dumplings I paid for last time in China town..ย 

After dinner, we walked down the river, London bridge, towards Tower Bridge, it was pouring down, we had our little brollies but was funny to manage taking pic and talking and walking. It’s actually very close where I live.. but it’s a turisty place..

got home 9:30.. 10.. had a cuppa tea.. and now writing.. so how was you day? did you snog anyone today?

3 things I’m grateful for todayย 

– God thank you so much for creating noise.ย 

– Thank you for the rain .ย 

– thank you for humans.ย 

night Ash..ย 


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Tower bridge, Londonย 

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