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Wed 16 Sep 2020ย 


Happy Birthday to you.ย 

Happy Birthday to you.. Happy Birthday to you dear Aunty.. Happy birthday to you..ย 

Woke up sharp and energetic.. Went for a run before work.. Logged on work around 7:30, bit earlier than usual start..ย 

Spoke to aunt at lunch time.. first run Nan.. she’s at aunts. mothers mothers.. spoke to her and then spoke to Aunt.. after a long time.ย 

Spoke to them only once after the quarantine.. they phoned me at the beginning of the quarantine when it was on the peak in UK.. Now the covid is on the peak in India..ย 

Finished work around 4:20. took a 30 min nap.. then went swimming. first time in 6 months.. before covid I was in advanced swim lessons.. they are not resuming the swim lessons yet..ย 

Finished swim around 07:45.. got home, made some lentil soup. ate watching world war 2 in colour in Netflix getting so interesting.. D Day I’m going to learn next..ย ย 

3 things I’m grateful for todayย 

– for the energy I have todayย 

– for all the plants that exists on the planetย 

– for the clean water around me

1 wish of the day 0 what would it take for me and for you to have a relaxing and comfortable year all this year.. and everything in the way of that, please all patterns in mind get deleted now!ย 

Have a great weekend.ย 

Ash Khaleem

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