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Tue 08 Sep 22:40 2020


Woke up around 7.. logged in work 8.. went to the gym in lunch break for 1 hour.. mate Axxx was in town from Eastbourne, he came over just before I finished work, was chilling, talking.. he left around 6. then attended base class at the Vauxhall.. got home, ate dinner the burgers from uber eats. was talking to flatmate Nxxx in the kitchen.. watched some more for the world war 2 in color in Netflix.. then around 7:30,ย  mate Mxxxxx messaged wants to come over, he was around the area.. he came over for a little bit, was chatting and chilling.. he left around 10.. I was working for a bit on the laptop..ย 

today’s tasks completed.. cook, eat well, affirmations, pray, meditate, parents, blog, broadcast, gym, jog, pushups..

3 things I’m grateful for today

ย – for the access to all the food I have around me

– for the access to the clean water around meย 

– for beautiful weather today in London..ย 

wish of the day, what would it take for me and for you to, get to experience something really cool this week..ย 

Click here or on the images below and start your online education here!ย 

good night and good luck..ย