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Wednesday 02 Sep 23:53


It’s 300 and I still don’t know what to write. I’m hungry now, gonna go take a sip of chicken and oats. country house blurr is playing on the radio.. I am sitting so comfortably on my bed. my friend, my best friend Txxxx just txting me..ย  I feel so comfortable.. I know it’s past midnight but I usually want to stay up late bkz I love my day so much. and when I sleep, I’m so excited to wake up. and I love sleeping so much. Thank you God, thank you very much for this comfortable comfortable life..ย 

I just got lost and I listened to Maneater song lyrics.. Had been a great day today

woke up early, went go gym before work,ย 

I’ts my life.. I just want to live alive..ย 

It rained all evening for me to go for a run.. I ordered Nando’s chicken burger for dinner., rain went away after dinner.. but my tummy was so full. Watched World war 2 in colour on Netflix 2nd episode while eating nandos. it was so beautiful..ย  it was raining outside.ย 

thank you God, for so much nice food and nice surroundings.. thank you thank you..ย 

past mid night now.. what would it take for and for you to wake up 10 x stronger younger energetic bigger wider beautifular richer healthier and happier tmro..ย 

3 things I’m grateful for todayย 

– grateful for my sister back home looking after my parentsย 

– grateful for my bro in law.. a true gentleman.ย 

– grateful for my cute little niece and nephew..ย 

wish of my day = what would it take for my sis family and every family exists on the planet to get easy what ever they need at this point of their time..ย 

thank you thank you thank thank you, God.. thank you for planet, for skys, rain.. and birds..ย 

Good night good luck.ย 

you look beautiful.. I should have said today to the gym pt I saw after so many days of the Corona..ย 

I asked how she was and she asked how I was.. I should have also said. you look beautiful.ย 

“What would it take for me to able to effectively remember things like this and say properly”

Night x.ย 

Ash K(haleem)