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Wednesday 19 Aug 2020 23:34


woke up 7:30.. meditated for 15 min, before work.. It was raining like crazy in the morning but still beautiful..  work was good.. pretty pleasant day.. meditated around lunchtime too 15 min.. took a 30 min nap after work.. 

Went in town to soho to meet my mate .. we walked around soho, then soho square, then China town, then we got some dumplings from China town.. walked up to Leicester square M&M circle, sat on the payment and eat talking.. it was so fun.. 

” On this day it seems – I was gonna have a few friends over.. I am going to have Sxx, Hxx, Sxxx, Ox, Sxx, Cxxxxxx, Fxxx, Nxx, Oxxxxx, Cxxxxx..  

I will have Italian, Indian, Turkish, Greek, Jamaican a few of the special dishes for tonight.. 

Cleaners have just been.. the food people are going to arrange the food on it’s time.. I don’t have to do anything.. I just need to turn the music on.. 

and will probably play, guess the name of the movie game.. then pudding..  Will have a good catch up with the bunch.. every quarterly.. 

3 things, I am grateful for today

– for my mate Haas I met today 

– for the transport system in UK

– for the energy that I have in my body 

1 wish of my day – what would it take for me and for you to wake up 183 times more smarter, younger, richer and happier tomorrow..