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Sat 15 Aug 21:49 2020


woke up 7:30 without alarm.. dull, grey and wet outside but beautiful.. replied to dad’s good morning message.. started raining outside. mediated for 15 minutes on Joe Dispenza’s changing beliefs meditation. ( so grateful for waking up so peacefully, grateful for my dad and his txt, grateful for this Joe dispenza guy and his research)ย 

10:30 got to gym first time in 6 months since the quarantine.. Not a lot of people were in, there were lines and directions everywhere reminding, to keep left, sanitise your hands, wash your hands, keep your distance etc.. annoying things!ย 

Had a really really really really really good work out, continued where I left off in my last day of the lockdown started..ย 

Did legs today – Squats, straight leg, leg presses

Got home, drank chicken and oats, took a 30 min nap listening to Dan Lok’s meditation.

2:30pm, 2nd time of hip hop lesson at base studios in Vauxhall.. Mark J.. sweet gut the tutor.ย 

Supermarkets on my way back, got home.. ate some food and took another nap.ย 

so relaxing and the peaceful day..ย 

3 things I am grateful for todayย 

– for the rain which happened todayย 

– for my gym is very close and clean today

– grateful for all the money that I have and had spent todayย 

1 wish of my day = what would it take for me and for you to let go of the time and money, and number, age, space, race and every limitation that exist on the planet and replaced with the refill fulfill of abundance, love, and gratitude energies in us and everything in the way of that, I would like to uncreate it, delete it, de story it across all time dimensions space and reality.ย