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Monday 20 Jul 23:08 2020


Woke up 6:30.. had a good morning Assalam alaikum message from Dad.. I responded Assalam alaikum thank you. went to loo.. came back. sun was out. so beautiful my room got so bright.. posted a good morning message on Instagram.. Was getting ready to go for a jog. 

Dad phoned around 7:40.. asked me if I had looked at a video he had sent 2 hours ago.. I said I just work up.. Went for a quick run before work.. logged on work while I was still on the call. It’s nice we still can work from home. 

3 things I am grateful for today 

– for my flatmates

– for my parents

– for the energy, I had when I went for my jog today 

Wish of the day – what would it take for me and for you to wake up 20 times energetic, active, healthy and younger tomorrow and everything in the way of that, please get deleted across all patterns of mind time dimensions space and reality. 

Good night, and good luck