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Friday 27 December 2019

Christmas is gone, boxing day gone! I have sent time with family. waking up with the affirmations, going to bed with affirmations.. I had let go of the time completely past couple days.. I think I must have noticed when It was Monday now I looked on top of my mac to see what the day was and It’s Friday.ย 

“The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle” is the best book to understand the subject. (Read FREE PDF HERE) My definition and the outcome that I have with letting go of the time is not stressing or worrying about days, dates and times.. at least when I don’t have to show up to my 9-5.. the rest of the time I have, I do things that matter to me and do only those things that bring joy and avoid and refrain everything that does not support with your goals.ย 

Yes, it’s true that time can be travelled.. When you think of something that happened in the past, you go there, you think about a positive or negative experience, you feel the emotions, pain, joy or laughter. You think of the past, you travel to the past and bring all the feelings and emotions associated with that time.ย 

And when you think of the Future, you travel into the future predicting your future. Usually, Guilt and Worry are the outcomes of living too much in the past and Stress and Anxiety are the cause of living too much in the future.ย 

All you need to understand is, there is nothing you can do things and experiences that happened in the past, no matter, how many times you think it over again and again and trying to understand the situation. Remember, you are still trying to stand Under it and trying to understand the past situation. By doing so, you are not only hurting yourself with various negative emotions like guilt, shame, embarrassment.. Go over it, don’t stand under it and try to understand the situation, expand yourself from all these limitations that your mind has created to understand the illusion of the time..ย 

All you need to understand is, Here and Now is the only time and only moment you have, my typing all this at this time and the air surrounding me and how I am feeling right now is the only thing I need to pay focus on. My job right now would to be grateful for the moments of time I have now. right now! and be grateful for the things you have right now, instead of feeling all the emotions you felt 1000 years ago when you were a child and you picked up that fight with the kid on ur street. Let go of everything, delete everything from your mind and memory.ย 

You wanna look pretty don’t you? you wanna look young for every don’t you? YES! everybody wants that! Then STOP releasing Stress Hormones into ur body, STOP creating all those unnecessary emotional turmoil in ur mind. These are all just the Illusions of the time, it does not exist now.ย 

3 x things I am grateful for todayย 

– for my familyย 

– for all my friendsย ย 

– for the time I have in my hands right now that can be grateful for.ย 

1 x little wish of my dayย 

What would it take for me and for you to remove, release, delete and forget everything we hold inside us which is not positive and refrain from anything that doesn’t contribute to the higher good, and everything in the way of this happening, I would like to uncreate it, delete it, de story it, across all time dimensions space and reality.ย 

See you next time .ย 

PS. I don’t re-read my blogs before posting, bkz I wanna save time doing something else, my apologies for grammar or mistakes or any discomforts.. xxย 

Ash Khaleem

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