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I woke up 5 AM. Had my first alarm on at 04:50, 2nd one at 5 am, then final one at 5:45…4:50 twist and turn and sit up on the 2nd one and 5:45 is end of meditation and get ready for the gym reminder..ย 

Today it felt so light waking up.. even though I went to bed a little later than usual. 11:45.. Instead of 11:30.. I was like maybe I should go back to bed.. then I said, let’s try and sit down bkz the orange Sun was just coming out at that time and my room turns pink like salmon. It takes on average 66 days to form a habit, I haven’t been doing it for that long waking up early and sitting down meditating and then going to the gym before starting work at 8 AM. I know so many things.. but all of these things are coming for a palace of love.. I love doing all these things and I want to show up to these things regularly.ย 

3 x things that I am grateful for todayย 

– Grateful for my laptop.ย 

– Grateful for having access to the internet.ย 

– Grateful for having unlimited electricity.ย 

3 x Happy feeling of my day

– Happy walked into Super Mario sponsored party in Vauxhall earlier this evening.

– When I just got out pool after the swim, I felt HUGE! and I was like, thank you, thank you, thank you .. a 100 times..ย 

– Happy eating Carbonara for dinner at Vauxhall comedy club…

3 x things I need to do next that will take me a step closer to my goal.ย 

– Complete updating email followup series.ย 

– Complete building groups on Facebook and LinkdIn.ย 

– Broadcast to my list.

1 x little wish of my dayย 

– what vibrational energy can I and you align to, to have a fantastic day tomorrow and everything in the way of that, I would like to uncreate it, delete it, de story it across all time dimensions space and reality..ย 

Ash Khaleemย 

Click here to watch a short video from my mentor Stuart, this is where I started my online education.ย