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Mon 04 May 2020


Woke up 8.. sharp. work from bed. 12:00 post box, then walk.. 11th day of fast. 3:49 AM now Tuesday and I am talking to myself. No matter how busy I am, I will have 5 min for my friend’s colleagues, anyone around me.. someone had asked me recently, “how do you feel when people come and ask you things or help..|” I said, I am happy with that.. but I should I have said the above things.. but anyway, I caught myself thinking and saying that to myself.ย 

I should delete these thinking patterns from my mind.. Dear Mind,ย  everywhere you are making me re-analyze my past experiences and create more of these patterns, relying on prior experiences for current perceptions, plz I would like to uncreate it and delete all of them from my mind..ย 

In my lunch break, I went for a walk, Albert Embankment from Vauxhall, over Lambeth Bridge then over Westminster Bridge back home over the Vauxhall bridge. I had visited the Vauxhall farm on my way, sharing the pix and stories on Instagram of those live looking lovely animals. I kinda feel sorry for all these people who are home and can’t get out.ย 

My flatmate, he’s home with me, but completely pulled and restricted. entirely keeping it to himself, I don’t mind but I hope he’s dealing with his emotions. he’s checking every story of mine on Instagram but he’s isn’t coming out of his room or talking to me. Just gonna give him his time but I hope he’s fine and I wanna send my blessing to all those people who are feeling overwhelmed with all this and are restricted at home.ย 

Anyway, I am feeling very happy today. Soon the quarantine will be over.. I have been keeping away from the News quiet a bit. By accident when I heard the news yesterday in the kitchen radio, it was good news finally. The British prime minister Boris’s going to decide to ease off the quarantine this coming Sunday hopefully it seems.ย 

In fact, just before the weekend on Friday, the count was around 637 deaths but yesterday there were only around 380 something deaths, making up to 27,000 something’ deaths in UK alone all together. tbh, this is an improvement. The London exhibition turned into new 4000 hospital beds Corona Virus Nightingale hospital built for this purpose is also closed. They say they will open it if there is the second spike but for now, it looks really promising.ย 

It’s nice to be home but it will be nice to go back to work I guess. I have been so horny!! I can’t wait to get out..ย 


3 things I am grateful for todayย 

– for my comfortable bed

– for these little speakers in my roomย 

– grateful for my phoneย 

1 wish of my dayย 

what would it take for me to and for you to manifest a miracle in our financial abundance now and also never have to be restricted like this for anything forever again and everything in the way of that, please delete and remove all the patterns from my mind.ย 

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Ash Khaleemย