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Be mindful. Be grateful. Be positive. Be true. Be kind.

🌈 978 – Fri 16 Jun 22:59 2023


Woke up early, Sun is bright and shining inside the window, birds chirping, and my thighs were sweating, too warm in the bedroom took the duvet away checked the time it was 05:50 left the alarm for another half hour, and slept again, slept disturbed many dreams, the movies don’t seem to stop but the reel keeps running and running. Stayed up in bed for as long as felt like, did affirmation, spent money on the Secret app, read the inspiration.. checked the accounts, and scrolled through the family messages on WhatsApp and on the flat’s group chat to see anything but nothing some new people joined at the Laurels center but nothing interesting.. decided to get off bed, at 06:50.. Today is Friday’s last day of the week work-wise. A mate from around started texting from Stockwell, he’s leaving for work and wants to swing by, and I said I’ll meet you later why do you want to come this early to me.. says a quick hello.. I had to entertain for a few min and

So warm outside just wore shorts, and a t-shirt got the bike out and got to the gym at 07:55 was feeling good and energetic. Did 5 sets of pulls up 8 reps and 5 sets of straight bench barbell presses, 5 sets of Incline bench barbell presses, 4 x sets of Shoulder presses on the machine, and 7 sets of Abs on the machine.. left for home, got home and ate breakfast, a big portion of beef and rice and vegetable.

Logged in work sharp around 9 sharp.. Happy Friday! easy and soft day today, minutes are done yesterday so not much to do. I was happy and relaxed, still sat at the desk doing this and that and worked until 13:20 and then had a shower.. went to offer Jumma namaz at Al nagasi wandsworth road, offered 2 x rakaths of Farz Jumma, got the place outside in the Sun. Ibadath went well.

Got back home to the desk.. had been dealing to organizing the NPSA training sessions to colleagues and then stayed logged in until 17:00 sharp, logged off, and went the Larkhall Park with the book the winner stands alone, put the bed sheet on, sat down with the book…

Then it was there I saw the thing!

I parked the bike went and sat up the hill facing the Sun, some white thing was sitting next to me on the left, further down the left, I saw someone else, lying down just in underwear, I thought oh hello.. and put my head down in my book, I saw a sudden turn around like a sigh of irritation looking towards my side but not me but beyond me someone speaking loudly, this thing was distracted so looked over and I turned around to look, then I saw the face again of the thing.

Perfect beard, gentlemen’s hat, wheat shorts, topless shining to the sky under the Sun. I lie on my stomach with my leg up reading the book, and the thing followed me doing the same, I turned around towards the Sun the thing turned away from the Sun, probably because the humans move around at the same time adjusting, we looked at each other once straight both in our Sun shades.. it was already half hour in the Sun, feeling hot, we sat down reading a few pages, the one just in the shorts packed and left, I was too distracted to continue with the book, I pretended but sill the head down observing the thing. A few min in, the thing decided to pack and leave, I hoped it will turn around, had a feeling It won’t. Go, my dear, I wish you all the best, love to the one to whom you belong, get my love from them. I wish you joy and happiness, and above all, I wish you success in your life. It disappeared into the wilderness towards the Wandsworth road probably in the newly built that Is was I wish it for that thing and the thing was the man you cannot have!

Got back home, took a nap for 15 min, and had to get onto the call with brother at 19:00 sharp to do the Oracle SQL lessons, I was distracted and horny.. we finished at 20:28, and messaged the desi one that I was chatting during the day, went there and felt gutted back home shower.. Yak!

Made dinner, chickpeas, kabab, pyaz aur alu + walked upto the chicken shop, got more chicken ate watching ancient apocalypse..

3 things I felt grateful for today

  • Grateful for parents.
  • Grateful for electricity.
  • Grateful for the vipasana mediations..

What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times bigger, thicker, richer, happier, more energetic and then have a relaxing, relaxing, relaxing, yet productive day tomorrow and all negative patterns please get removed.. Goodnight good luck! Ash