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Don’t stress over things you can’t change.

🌈 976 – Wed 14 June 23:01 2023


It seems it’s just become 11 pm at night and after an hour the name of the date will change and it will become Thursday and then Fri and so on.. everyday look at the time and give names to the day and then add days on your age and go on and on and on.. can it be possible to just not look at the time and date and no change of the days and just be there but no you will be called as Mad and you should constantly be doing or worrying something only then you are a good person a human being and responsible individual.

Life teachesΒ you a new lesson every day if you are attentive enough in the class of life. It’s how many lessons you learn that matters not how many hours and days you spend!

Can’t believe I made it 976 days of writing something but nothing.. every day I say today I won’t write, I don’t have to write. I could just go to bed, don’t be present in the world, then my eyes suddenly look at the clock and in an hour the day will change to another day and If I write the date comes a new day and never will be able to bring back the day which is gone and make it something written on the day.

Woke up early, very very early… 04:50 wide awake and up, bridge and already warm outside, birds are screaming like anything and noise on this Stockwell, Union road, wonder why I didn’t think of this window moving in, all I saw was 2 windows and I was happy and but did not think about the road. Did some affirmation in bed, opened the secret money app and there was Β£2250 left in the account to spend, set an alarm at 6:15 and went back to bed.. woke up with a colleague come in my dream, I had bought a gift for her last when I went on holiday but had not had a chance to give to her, I wish I carried with me today again but wonder why I did not!

Mediated for a few min, went to the kitchen made scrambled eggs had breakfast, and was going to work from home but decided to go in so started getting ready, about 25 degrees heat in London today.. Had showered, and while getting ready rung Mother, and spoke to her for a bit, his leg is swollen for no reason. She sent some pix, I felt bad for her, all I can do is with my full heart, and love, and compassion if there is any power exists on the planet sending my positive energy to heal my mother’s swollen leg for no reason it swells and for no reason should it disappear by tomorrow morning.. and what would it take for all those people who are suffering with some kind of a pain to be relieved by tomorrow.. Can that be possible? The books, the history, the literature in the form of that religious book said there were those people who were once alive and they were able to do and make things possible with their words. Is that even true? you fuckers kept believing for thousands and thousands of years! but no! Nothing exists like that! no! No! And no! Shame on me I believed too when I was a kid and shall do pray when I’m in pain and perhaps at that time, I will say, I’m sorry I didn’t believe in you but please this one time give me a chance, this one time make this issue go away.

There is no big pain than seeing your loved one in pain and you could do nothing to change!

Anyway, at 08:35 left home to get to work, was feeling a bit queasy yesterday and over the weekend, the throat has been funny, had mentioned it to my boss yesterday so the kind man bought the Covid test into the office, and asked me to take it. How will I get Covid when I have not met any new people, I must do it anyway or I break this man’s heart who’s showing care and empathy towards another human, he helped me and I read the instruction, did the Covid test for the first time and it was negative.

Right after that, we had to run into the meeting in another building, on my way there, when into Boots to get Nasal spray and some pills for my throat, then went into the meeting which lasted until 12:15.. already lunchtime.. ate lunch with the boss a Pasty with Lamb mince and sat at the desk for an hour then left for home as legs and arms where feeling funny got home sat at the desk it feels like a million degrees heat at home, want to go to the park but have work to do so sat in from until 19:30 pm and worked through without moving.. Then went downstairs to make dinner, Chane, Kawab, Aul, Ghee, and pyaz.. was okay to eat.. was feeling like watching something funny on the TV after browsing so many things going for the backup Friends.. brother phoned at 21:50 spoke to him for a while..

3 things I felt grateful for today

  • the bike ride went smoothly to and forth back from work was grateful don’t have to take public transport.
  • grateful I wrote something now and could go back to bed peacefully.
  • Grateful for podcasts and headphones to listen to.
  • What would it take for me and for you and all the living things on the planet to wake up completely healed of at least one big thing that has been bothering me for a long time, If only God exists will it happen and then wake up sharp, work to go fine and finish all, and feel energetic, strong, happy, grateful and then have a relaxing, relaxing, relaxing, yet a productive day tomorrow and negative patterns, please get removed.. goodnight, good luck! Ash

Around the world – Russia still invading Ukraine, and in the UK 13,000 drivers’ data has been hacked by a Russian spy. GDP rose 2% and the mortgage rate is going up another 11,000 years and more stuff nobody cares about! If only someone could start a feel-good newspaper where they could report only the good things happening.