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🌈 872 – Wed 25 Jan 23:21 2023


Woke up early.. so cold and grey wondered why I wasn’t wearing more.. did dua Darud, and 7 affirmations .. Dua when you wake up, Alhamdu lil lahil lazi ahyaana baada ma amatana wa ilaihin nushooro. (Translation – All praise to Almighty, He Who woke us to life after giving us sleep, and to Him we shall have to return.) ate breakfast of Tuna, Chickpeas meditated for min 4 min wore blue tracksuits bottoms white long-sleeve t-shirt grey jumper full jacket got to the gym at 07:35, was feeling good and energetic, it was wet outside there were not a lot of people there.

Did 5 sets x 8 reps of Pull-ups of affirmation, health, beauty wealth, success, confidence, testosterone, growth hormone, symmetry, a sets of drop set Shoudler press on the machine and then 4 sets of 8 reps of Abs press on my way out.. feeling very very very good.

Home ate eggs, and chickpeas showered offered 2 rakaths of Fajr salah and wore wheat color clothes, jumper left home at 08:40 Wandsworth road, Nine Elms, Vauxhall bridge, over Lambeth bridge, to St James park, got there 09:07 feeling good, great and grateful.

Had training 9 to 10, then a meeting from 11 to 12, then training from 2 to 3, and then another meeting from 15:30 to 16:30 mostly worked on a spreadsheet and a map.. left around 17:15.. my way home, cold, wet and rained in the afternoon, got home mother had messaged, they are leaving for Safforah’s wedding tomorrow early asked me to ring when I get home, I said, I will talk over the weekend, I was feeling grumpy, grouchy this time wonder why. then I felt bad for not ringing. probably to avoid the question what did I have for lunch.

A friend had asked, how was work today, was it too much? I said it can never be. we had a laugh, I was still in a good mood until then and for most of the day until on my way home wonder why.

17:30 made a cuppa, 18:20 swim slot booked at the Vauxhall leisure center, got there 17:40 the barrier didn’t let me in the cutie one let me in, did 40 rows of up and down front crawls and a few breast strokes, on my way home, went to butchers, bought Lamb, Figs. ate watchign Netflixx.

3 things I felt grateful fr today

  • grateful jumper looked great this morning and felt confident.
  • grateful ear wax was delivered and used it for swim, the water didn’t go in was good, happy and grateful
  • grateful saw a friend in the afternoon passing by, the time stood still, how much we want to spend time with each other but can’t.. it’s the feeling people will think, “wht do they have to talk”

What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times, bigger, stronger, thicker leaner, energetic, happier, and richer and be a good day, everything to be fine, parents to get home smoothly, all the work to finish quickly and then have a relaxing, relaxing, relaxing yet a productive day tomorrow and then the rest of the weekend and all negative patterns, please get removed, deleted and sleep to come now. goodnight, good luck. .Ash

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The decision paves the way for other countries such as Poland, Spain and Norway to supply their stocks of Leopard tanks to Ukraine.


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