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🌈 848 – Sat 31 Dec 23:47 2022 


Woke up early, cold, and dark outside.

The crackers just set off, almost midnight, 23:57.. I just heard someone screaming.. It was such joy for no reason just wandering in the street on the bike, shouting Happy New Year.. Happy New Year.. only God knows if it is going to be a Happy New Year.. Some may not want to start calling a new year because it reminds they lost one year. Some may be curious to start the year because they are looking forward to something.. Tung tung.. Tugn…I hear the bell and it’s now Sun 1 Jan 00:00.. I hear the London firework, they are gonna go off for at least 8 minutes.. One year, I rememebr, walking around in the streets with friends and giving Happy New Year greetings cards to all friends and classmates…. One year I remember asking Principal mam to let us off for the evening study hours because it was the 31st eve the New Years eve.. One year I remember, saying at home, I’m going to my mates for the party tonight, and when you get there, first your mates sister comes out and then you’re mate and he was only showing off at the college and you’d end up standing in front of a Church when the clock strikes… One year I remember, at home alone with brother and sister, Dad had a stroke so Mum’s at the hospital with him and you’re brother wouldn’t reply to the happy new year.. One year I remember you waiting and talk about it the whole day and at midnight you run to your sister and find her quietly kissing her newborn and wishing her Happy New Year.. One year I remember getting ready and going and offering 2 x rakaths of Salah.. One year I remember, you planned to go out in town but you left your work at 8 pm and the tube was canceled for some reason and you had no map and wandered and you got home at 11 and you were too pissed by then! One year I remember watching the London firework from your bedroom window. One year I remember you were at your mate on the 3rd floor at midnight you go to your mates’ building mates on the 5th floor and saw the firework… One year you realize, it’s too late and you’re still out and try and try to get into Heaven at Charring cross but you didn’t you’re at least with your 3 friends (Zac, Claire, Jase).. One year I remember, you were dressed up and having a party at your x’s place who’s away for a wedding in another country and you’re friends left just after midnight.. One year I remember, you asked your friends to join you for New Year’s eve and your first friend comes in early dressed up but does not bring any drinks you give me money and ask him to run to the shop and he’s facing is all red.. One year I remember, It’s the Covid Pandemic you secretly asked your friends to join and you now have a new beard in Lockdown and your drunk mates pull your beard so hard you’re eyes roll out of anger and you’re other best mates see it.. One year still in the Pandemic I remember, you regret not inviting the best mate who would have been a best fit in and he was home alone watching you’re insta stories. (Sorry Simone xx).. One ear I remember you didn’t want to do anything and just owning your own time..

Woke up early today at 6:15 am .. grey, and wet outside with about 7 degrees in the morning.. Slept so well last night after a long call with the siblings.. mother’s internet was cut off I had messaged if it was back on and I had a response this morning, yes it’s back on, did you guys speak for a long last night? I said a bit but not a lot after you dropped off.. How are you doing today? I’m aching a bit and you all right? me too a bit actually but I have a couple of day off… we bid farewell let’s speak later..

Ate breakfast Tuna, Chickpeas, mediated for 13 min on Joe Dispenza’s changing beliefs, got ready wore dark blue tracksuit bottoms, a beige hoodie, got to the gym around 09:30.. had a really really really really really really really good workout.. did 8 x sets of 8 reps of Pull-ups on the bar, then 8 x sets of Shoulder press drop sets and 4 sets of 8 reps of Abs press on the machine.. the 8 reps are the once counting the affirmations of Health, Beauty, Wealth, Success, Confidence, Testosterone, Growth Hormone, Symmetry.

Home ate more Tuna fish, and shaved beard, got ready, left home at 12:40 PM to Bermondsey.. Mates in town from the US and meeting him at the Murano Cafe Bermondsey for Brunch.. took my bike, it was pouring down, better than walking from the Tube station all the way from Nine Elms, Stockwell, then elephant and Castle and to Burmundsey street got there a few min late but nice and sharp.. I walked in and felt like everyone turned around I’m wet dripping with water in my leather jacket and we stood up to hug was an ace!

Ate Stake for brunch and a few appetizers and we left the place around 3 pm, went to another local pub in the area, and got a couple of hot drinks were catching up for the past 3 years.. I should have waited until mates got the bus but for some reason, we both rushed off.. I got some cake on my way home.. took a nap at 17:45.. woke up, had a cup of coffee, and left home because I remembered brother’s asked me to go for an Asar Salah.. I got to the mosque on Wandsworth road it was closed I went inside the women’s section it looked like there was a party going on.. Went to the gym, and had another workout on my way home, 5 x sets of 8 reps of pull-ups and then 4 sets of drop sets of Shoulder presses and 4 sets of drop sets of Abs press on the machine.

Home, ate dinner, Daal, Chawal with Gosh ka saalan and lit the candle, the virgin radio on and sat down chilling..

3 things I felt grateful for today

  • Grateful for the ride back and through when I went out was smooth,
  • Grateful for this old leather jacket my father got me.
  • Grateful for the radio waves playing songs all the times..

What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times Bigger, thicker, leaner, activer, energitc, happier, richer, and have a relaxing, relaxing, relaxing yet productive day tomorrow and then the rest of the week and all negative patterns please get deleted now and goodnight sleep to come.. Goodnight, Good luck.. Happy New Year Ash ±