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Summer Line

🌈 837 – Fri 16 Dec 23:42 2022


Kal Jumma tha, Hafte ke din subha baith ke likh raha hoon.

Sat 17 Dec 11:51 sitting at my desk and the Sun is out and falling right on my fingers, didn’t plan to put the desk in this place, nor planned for the seating position but the nature found it way to be beautiful. Outside on the floor I see snow, all snow and hard snow. Snow and more snow on top of it and melt a bit and them more snow on it becomes hard snow.. 11:56 the Church downstairs started ringing bell, it will go on until 12:00 tong tong tong tong…. !

Sitting in the best last night too late at night, I will sleep now and maybe I will write something when I wake up prbly if things will make me sit down at one place.

Friday woke up early, meditated about 6 few min, stopped the audio half way through for no reason for some reason suddenly.. was in a night robe until then, wore dark blue tracksuits bottoms and white long sleeve t-shirt, long hoodie jumper which Chinese animation, wore gloves took the bike out went to the gym, did 6 x sets of 8 reps of Pull up on the bar followed by 6 reps of dips supersets then 4 x sets of drop sets of Shoulder press on the machine and then 4 sets of dropsets of Abs on the machine and left, home it was too cold and was planning to get home by lunch time for Zohr salah and wore dark blue designer jumper and wheat colour toursers and long brown boots.

Left home 08:50, so much ice on the roads, bike seat was full of snow, wiped it, Nine Elms,Vauxhall bridge had to put my leg down and ride ice and slippery.. breaks making squeeky loud noice, no matter how many times I said I’m gonna put some oil in it, I didn’t go downstairs in cold to do that. Got to work 09:20.. Friday not a lot of people in.. Quiet, simiple and easy day. First did reports and then spreadsheet until 2 pm then moved floors, sent a H&S monthly newsletter, and left before it got too dark and avoid the snow..

Home had a cou of coffee and chickpeas and went to gym 2nd time, did again 8 sets of 8 reps of Pull ups and 4 sets of dips hanging supersets and 4 sets of drop sets of Shoudler press, 4 sets of drop sets 8 reps of Abs on the machine of Health, Beauty, Wealth, Success, Confidence, Testosterone test, Growth harmone, and left for home..

Made rice and gosh ka salan.. selling Selling sunset on Netflix.. planning for the rest of the weekned, main goal is to finish the weekend workout and get the writing done and stay in the peace the weekend, there are 3 basis of the Hell, the Hell of six basis of contact, the Hell of impalement with stakes, and the Hell to be felt for oneself.


In the news UK, inflation is hitting the rocket height and Russia’s still invading Ukraine. Russia, Please stop! 

3 things I felt grateful for today

  • Grateful for leaving closer to work and not having to take the public transport.
  • Grateful for all things went well today
  • Grateful for being able to look at the colours for what they are.

What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times, bigger, thicker, leaner, activer, have relaxing, relaxing, relaxing yet productive day tomorrow and then the rest of the weekend all negative patterns, please get removed.. Goodnight, good luck. Ash!