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Do what makes You HAPPY 😃

🌈 803 – Sun 30 Oct 23:55 2022 


Woke up early.. ate Tuna breakfast meditated 15 min, family group whatsapp Neph Dan was sitting under a blanket and studying and Dad was giving him a long Dua for his IIT and I joined in saying Amen with others and GM.

Left home, got to the gym, doing 3 x 8 reps Pull ups, mother messged on whatsapp I didn’t txt back until I got home.

then did 2 more set of 8 reps Pullups on the bar, 5 x sets 8 reps of Dips haning on the bar and 5 x drop sets of 8 repst Shoulders on the machine and I was a happy man.. rode slowly the bike back, weather is so mild and so nice.

Ate breakfast, Beef and rice and chicpeas, sat at my desk, first went to ultimatelifesource website dash board and deleted all unwanted pages. 13:30 Dad phoned.. mother was sitting in front, he asked what am I upto, and if I’m home.. then we spoke for a bit and mother spoke and they bid farewell..

I went and stood outside for few min, 14:10 deleted all the plugins unused deleted from the website.. in the room still tidying up had the audio book on through out the day, at around 16:39 I realised the clocks went back an hour last night so there is one more extra hour in the day today. I felt so happy.

17:50 took a nap until 19:00 feeling so good and fresh.. heard my flatmate come in. I let him settle, then left home 19:58, while I was in front of the Badminton court on the Union grove the click ticked 20:00, rode past went to the gym and did again mostly same as morning workout, 5 x sets of 8 reps of Pull ups on the bar, 5 x sets of Dips hanging on the bar, 8 reps of drop sets of Biceps on the machine and left for home.. weather still so mild, the bike seat was wet though.

Made Rice, Dal and Tala hua Gosh, sitting down to eat 21:45 brother txted, Assalam Alakum, what are you doing kaleem, how was your day, I sad Assalam alaikum Bhaia, I’m just sitting down to eat. Khana haazir hai.. he said, Alhamdulillaha, that is nice, carry on and Bismillaha.

I watched, Glory 1989 movie on Netflix while eating then txted brother sorry I was eating long and watching, how was your day and we chatted for a bit it’s 01:16 in KSA and he slept doing the day and he’s sitting at his desk and working, he’ll sleep after Tahajjuath Salah.

3 things I felt grateful for today

  • Tmro i’m off, still undecided if I should go in bkz of the meetings.
  • Felt happy and grateful, plent of food in the firdge before I started cooking this eve.
  • Graeful the sleep is coming now.
  • What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times bigger, leaner, stronger, happier, richer and be sure what to do tomorrow all day and then all week and then have a relaxing, relaxing, relaxing, yet productive day tomorrow and then the rest of the week and all negative patterns, please get removed now! Goodnight goodluck. Ash.

In the news, last UK, PM’s phone was hacked by Russians quiet for a while ago it seems is all over and Russia deploys more than 30 drones in 2 days invading Ukraine.