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🌈 786 – Bismillahi Rahman-nir-Raheem..

Fri 30 Sep 23:54 2022


Woke up early 05:55.. was feeling good. Cold, grey, wet and rained most day today. Ate breakfast Khana-aur-tamato ka Saalan and logged in work 09:03. Worked on weekly reports until 2:30.. Got off, had shower and offered 2 Rakaths of Salah-tu-Jumma, 2 Rakaths of Salah-tu-Hajath and then 4 Rakaths of Salah-tu-Zohar…

Ate lunch, Daal, Chawal aur Tala-hua-Anda.. Sat back at the desk and read Surah Yasin and worked until 17:30 pm. The parents were quiet today.

“Ey Allaha.. Office-ke-kharrib, Masjid-ke-khareeb, Gym-ke-khareeb, Busso-ke-kharrb, Tube station-ke-khareeb, Swim-ke-khareeb.. Mummy, Pappa, Bhaia, Deedi Soob aaye to bus hooye sarka, Pappa-aur-Bhaia ku Masjid-ke-khareeb, Jiju, Bhaia aur My sub ghar se kaam karne ke saahulut hai sarka, Khulla bada izzath ka, kiss ku billa, renta nai pay kare sarka, Mummy ku har cheez ke saahulath rahe sarka, Ms Sandra aur Rohna aaye to picche tehle sarka, Pappa aur Dav picche baite sarka, Bhaia, My, Jiju, picche baitke newspaper pade sarka, Nousheen, Danish, Adil, Nelly, Olly ey loga sub aaye tho bhi khel liye saraka, picche Gaadi chala liye sarka, picche khuli jagah me ek chota pont hai sarka, uss me chote chote Machliya hai sarak, thode Murgiya-aur-Bakriya rakhlene ki sahalut bhi hai sarka, Mera Appana, Zaathi, my soob doston ku kisi ko bhi ghar me rehne de sake sarka, central me hai sarka, logan aate jaate meri acha maarko gaye sarak (lol), kuch bhi pareshaaniyan nai hai serke, account me bhi paise hai sarka, Ammi aur Abba bhi khus hai sarka.. Ek Izzath Ka, Mera Apna Ek Badaa Ghar Deede Allaha.. Tu Chahe To Kuch Bhi Kar Sakta Hai.. Please Allaha.. Allaha please.. Jald se Jald deede Allaha.. 15th October tak Deede Allaha..Allaha-hu-Akbar”

18:33 I wanted to take a nap, no I wont wake up if I sleep. Let’s put the headphone on for youtube video 37 min.. woke up feeling hot 21:47 see I said to you, don’t nap or you won’t wake up.. Already feeling hungry made Chawal-aur-Gosh ka Mittha Saalan and ate.

23:30 Text from Tomi, I will be in the Cock Tavern in 5 min if you wanted to swing by.. I looked outside and it’s still raining.

3 things I felt grateful for today

  • Grateful for the chance of staying at home next 2 days until Monday.
  • Grateful for making no plans and I can rest.
  • Grateful for the time for being allowed to be on the planet.

What would it take for me and for you to wake up 1000 x times bigger, stronger, leaner, happier, richer and have a relaxing, relaxing, relaxing yet productive day tomorrow and then the rest of the week, filled with joy, laughter, gratitude and fullfillness.. and all negative patterns causing other than than the above.. it’s time to leave..

Goodnight good luck.. Ash



                                                                                          And in the news this week.. New Govt. came in with a new lady PM, they presented a tax-cutting mini-budget with the aim to the economic growth of the country but it seems to have shaken the confidence of the market somehow and there was a jump in the mortgage rate and UK currency Pound had fallen to its lowest level on record $1.03.

Mostly as far as I remember, it used One Pound used to be around One Dollar 60 or 40 or 47.. but it fell to a level not known in recent economies and a weaker currency suggests investors’ faith in a country’s economic prospects.